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Handy Dandy List of Swing Vote Representatives to Contact on ObamaCare

As we move into what should be the final (and most important) phase of the debate over ObamaCare, it's of course critical that members of Congress hear from as many of their constituents as possible.

And given Obama's speech outlining how he wants Congress to move forward, and Nancy Pelosi's recent statements, it looks like they intent to move forward with using the trick of the Senate budget reconciliation rule to pass this monstrosity.  This puts the near term focus on the House.

Below you'll find a list of the names and contact numbers for what appear to be the "swing votes" in the House on this issue.  If one of them is YOUR Representative it is VITAL that you contact them now and let them know how you feel.  If you would rather send them (or even all members of Congress) a fax, click here.

Contact them today...  Then pass it on!

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Obama to introduce ObamaCare 2.0 Wednesday

It looks like the American public is going to have to endure (and oppose) at least one more version of ObamaCare before we can finally be done with it.

The White House announced that Obama would pitch the newest version of his "plan" tomorrow.  Essentially, it looks like that plan will be "part" of the existing plans, with the addition of a few ideas that they call "Republican" ideas.

Of course this goes on against the backdrop of talk by the Democrat leadership (and the White House) that they will now look to use the budget reconciliation process to pass the bill.  Which means they're going to attempt to get around a Republican filibuster by using a rule that was designed for the budget process...not legislation that can remake 1/6th of the US economy.

But you're not likely to hear Obama (and even few Democrats) use the word "reconciliation"...or any talk about using the special rule to pass his big program.  Instead, they're rephrasing the talking points to use the term "simple majority".  Of course, they're quick to overlook the fact that their proposal doesn't even come close to having a "simple majority" of support among the American people.  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken the retooling of euphemisms to the next level, saying that "The bill can be bipartisan, even though the votes might not be bipartisan".

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Latest ObamaCare poll: public still opposed

Now that last week's big health care "summit" has come and gone, it's a good time to take a look at what kind of impact it had on American public opinion about the Democrat's proposed reforms.

Short answer?  Still opposed.  The latest survey by Rasmussen shows 52% of voters opposed and 44% in favor.  And remember, that's AFTER all the fluff coverage it received from the summit.

The more interesting numbers however, (and the ones that the politicians up for reelection this year should pay attention to), are those that demonstrate the passion and intensity people have about the issue.  The survey shows 43% of voters being "strongly opposed", with only 22% "strongly in favor".

Not good for Democrats who have voted for it already, much less thinking about using the budget reconciliation process to get around a filibuster and pass it with a simple majority in Congress.

Some other interesting items:

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Obamacare quote of the day: Howard Dean edition

As mentioned earlier, former DNC chief and Vermont Governor Howard Dean has come out against the latest version of health care "reform" in the Senate.  And, much to the dismay of the White House, he's been making the rounds in the media opposing passage.

And since we recognize how rare the occasion that we would agree Dean on anything, it makes his following quote worth highlighting:

"The bill doesn't actually "cover" 30-million more Americans - instead it makes them criminals if they don't buy insurance."


Health Care Passage Ushers in New U.S.S.A.

Within the hour of this posting, The House of Representatives narrowly voted in Obama and Nancy Pelosi's Socialist Health Care Reform Bill. A bill was passed earlier prohibiting health care funds to pay for abortions. After tonight's victory for liberals, the democrats (crowing on TV) made it clear that they will not commit to that passage and will overturn it as the bill moves further on.

They made it clear in the beginning that their plan will indeed pay for abortions, not matter what the people say or how they vote. It was also established during tonight's reports that the public will be forced to buy the government health insurance or face fines and possible jail time.

In other words, the people have no voice whatsoever in the government of the new, United Socialist States of America The healthcare passage has now officially placed our country under Marxist rule.

As communists stated to this writer (behind the Iron Curtain) in the early 1980's, they will overthrow the government of the United States without firing a shot. It took place tonight. It had all been planned carefully from the first Socialist organizational meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1900.

They managed to maneuver into the White House, a Muslim who was not born in the United States, one Barack Hussein Obama who they began grooming years ago, put him through Harvard and then, with the help of ACORN and a misinformed public, shoe-horned this pretender into The Oval Office.  

AARP Pants On Fire-Again! How They Profit on Healthkill Plan

AARP, the ultra-liberal senior citizen's organization denied backing Obama's Healthkill Plan at televised Town Hall meetings. See my story on this website regarding their lies. Turns out there is even MORE to this story of betrayal.  

According to press reports, and a story in The Washington Post written by reform advocate and insurance salesman, Dan Eggen. the nation's preeminent seniors group, AARP, has put the weight of its 40 million members behind health-care reform (remember they have publicly stated that they absolutely did NOT back the plan) saying many of the proposals will lower costs and increase the quality of care for older Americans. Again, this group is now solidly endorsing the plan they have publicly denied backing. 

But NOT disclosed in this lobbying campaign is the group's substantial earnings from insurance royalties and the potential benefits that could come its way from many of the reform proposals. The group and it's subsidiaries collected more than $650 million in royalties and other fees last year from the sale of insurance policies, credit cards and other products that carry the AARP name (vitamins etc.), accounting for the majority of it's $1.14 billion in revenue, according to federal tax records.

It does not directly sell insurance policies-even though they strongly "recommend" them through their newsletters and AARP Magazine, lending its name to insurance plans in exchange for a tax-exempt cut of the premiums.

Universal Health Care

I've devoted the last several weeks to Bible study, prayer and meditation about health care reform, and I've come to the conclusion that the only Christian option is to support universal health care by a single-payer system.  I know I'm probably going to get some angry responses, but please bear with me here.

As Christians, we should take care of everyone who needs care - no matter what their lifestyle is (even if they are couch potatoes - we still need to love them), no matter what their immigration status is.  As Christians (not as Americans), why would we not care for everyone?  As Christians - why would we care about how much money it costs?

As an American - I was looking at the financial statements for some health insurance companies.  Half of their expenses are health care costs to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.  The other half is administrative and profits.  If we got rid of health insurance completely, our health care costs could be cut by at least a third (considering that some costs are now paid by government).  We don't get rid of them because many of us invest in them because they make a nice profit for us.  That's not Christian - that's capitalism.

What if doctors were just federal employees paid salaries - not on a per diem?  Then they could spend as much time as necessary to take care of each patient, and do what each patient needs, instead of being held hostage by health insurance companies?

Alternatives to ObamaCare

I asked for Christians to come up with a better plan a couple of weeks ago, but got no response.  Why?

I have some ideas:

- Allow for a high risk pool, like we have for auto insurance, so people with pre-existing conditions can get insurance.

- Allow health insurance companies to sell across state lines.  This would allow people to choose their plans and by having a larger group to sell to, would decrease premiums.

- If they don't want to do a high risk pool, why not allow people who have been denied insurance three or more times to be able to BUY INTO the current plans government employees have now.

- Prevent insurance companies from denying or non-renewing coverage to small businesses when an employee gets sick.

These options wouldn't break the bank, and would solve many of the problems we have now.

Family Believes...All things are possible

Janeen Duke, residence of Charleston, SC suffered a brain injury on January 22, 2009 while attending a church service in Kingstree, SC. She was rushed to a hospital in Williamsburg County in an ambulance and later flown by helicopter to a hospital in Charleston, SC. She was not expected to make it during the flight according to a doctor who spoke with a family member over the telephone.

Her family was devastated when the news reached them. Since that time, Janeen has shown signs of improvement due to prayer and the grace of God because the doctors at the hospital did not expect Janeen to live past the month of January. The family thought the signs of improvement meant moving on to the next stage that would mean more improvement. Were they ever wrong. Janeen's family never expected the tragedy to take them on a trip to Oz. The occurrences have been unbelievable.

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Stealing America

As our Supreme Court awaits the inevitable implementation of left wing social activist Sotomayor, I ask myself, "How much of this can we take? They are stealing America." This tragedy is not unlike a violent car crash; your in the drivers seat, gripping the wheel, the tires are screeching, your life flashes before your eye's, and no matter which way you pull the wheel your still being sucked straight into a giant Oak tree. Earlier this week, President Obama unjustly implied that the Cambridge police officer who arrested his friend, did so out of racial motivation, then the President convinced us that we were making a big fuss over nothing when it was proven that he was dead wrong.

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