health insurance

We need to come up with our own health care plan!

As a Christian, I have a problem opposing national health care. Why can't we take care of our sick who are in need?

Right now, doctors are beholden to profit-making corporations, and instead of a bureaucrat between you and your doctor, an employee of a profit-making corporation is making decisions that will determine how much money the corporation profits. That sounds immoral to me.

If you don't have health insurance, doctors just won't take you. My son is dealing with that now - he is too old for our health insurance and although he worked full-time for the required time, the week before he was to get benefits, they put an indefinate freeze on new benefits.  Someone will have to quit or get fired for him to qualify, and nobody there dares to quit in this econonmy. He needs an MRI, and has the $1800 for it, but can't find a doctor to prescribe it - the hospitals won't do one without a prescription. Clinics won't do it because his situation is too complicated.

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