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Woke up this morning thinking about how America is being led by the nose to a sink hole. Then a sudden thawt! On this date, April 10 in 1912 the RMS Titanic set sail on it's maiden voyage from Southhampton, England, with the boast that 'the Titanic could never be sunk.'  Spooky similarity!. Also today, with still some remnants of the flu left, and being declared to no longer pose a threat to the public and considered fit to be released back into society, managed to tape three MVCC Oakley Newcasts. This is the link to one of those taped today, a 5 minute true story about a surfer's bonding with a whale and an unusual answer to prayer:
The Dotted Lines

Church Newscast--Especially Kidscast-Gaining Fans

As you know, this is a late posting.** Explanation Below. The latest two MVCC Church Newscasts were taped and went out the day before Easter. Meanwhile, The Newscast Kids are now receiving fan mail saying they are good, they are cute and they are enjoyable to watch. Can't beat that combination. Here are the two latest newscasts:

The first one shows this unworthy australopethicus with Angelia Baxter with news about a Hollywood actor who was fired for refusing to do a sex scene, Parkinson's Disease Breakthrough, and....Jesus Booted From Easter Festival in Sydney!  (?)  How's that again? Here is that llink:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciLw2LVVh6U

The second one shows one of our Newscast Kids, Amari Chambers with a new partner (due to Camilla Spangler being away) with stories including," What To Do When Your Hut Burns." Here is that link:

Hooray For Hollywood!

The Academy Awards aired tonight, lasting for 3 1/2 hours. Having been turned off by those Hollywood presentations in the past, there was no desire to ever see another one. Those shows had become worse and worse with vulgar language, sexual innuendos, anti-God, anti-American sentiments and was becoming more of a platform for political propaganda than to acknowledge good films and actors. Then.....

Then the recent Screen Actor's Guild Awards Show came on which was a staging disaster. It was not coordinated, was choppy, actors didn't know when to enter or exit or where to go. When they did get in place, they had no stage presence, stumbled over words, and were so awkward that it was embarrassing. To add to the mix, Betty White made crude sexual innuendos about some men among the attendees. Not becoming to her.

Performers in the audience exhibited hostility to winners which was caught on camera during quick audience shots. It was the worst program ever to fill a TV screen. Plus, they called all performers, 'actors,' instead of calling males, actors and females, actressess which took more time since they had to explain that this one coming is a male actor and this one is a female actor. It was so annoying that this writer vowed to never watch an award show again.

Review: Screen Actor's Guild Awards Show SAGed!

It was a silence heard aroung the world. At least the awards show proved effective in staging a tragedy. It was so bad that nobody even mentioned it in the press. The critics refused to draw their pens to write a review of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) effort. Instead, they slipped away quietly into the night following the worst presentation ever to fill a television screen. Somebody's got to report on it. Somebody not involved in Hollywood's liberal causes. That's us. And this is one time that MilesTones is serious.

The Screen Actor's Guild Awards Program that aired this last weekend, absolutely SAG-ed. Uneven,badly produced with actors who looked like a deer caught in the headlights as they accepted their 'awards' and who peppered their speechis with "um..uh...anduh....um..um..um."

Betty White received the lifetime achievment award and was funny, but she just had to add in some crude sexual inuendos that were not becoming. Drew Barrymore did a complete melt down, and for the first couple of minutes could not put a sentence together; On the verge of panic, she stammered uncomfortably and could only stutter, um...um, uh,um, um....uh. It was not an act .It was a true melt down. Other actors shown in the audience displayed an incredible attitude during the show.

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The Enemy Within Part 2

As our fearless leader appeases his way through the Orient, the families of the victims at Fort Hood are left picking up the pieces of their broken lives. The massacre hardly made a blip on Obama's radar, his administration is trying desperately to portray this as your garden variety slaughter, but for those of us with a brain, this attack is not so insignificant, no it's enormous. This was a terror attack that probably could have been avoided, if not for our societies ingestion and acceptance of political correctness, the proper steps would have been taken long ago to imprison this slug.

The military is consumed by PC fear, liberals have been quite successful in their campaign for loathsome white guilt. They've created an atmosphere of tolerance for the intolerable. This sworn Islamic soldier penetrated our military, and with their careers in the balance, our guardians looked away, and for that 13 hero's are dead.

Liberalism infects everything it comes in contact with. The liberal elites, like President Obama, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi and others take pleasure in controlling their naive left wing minions. The elite's pander to this peace, love, and happiness crowd, making slaves of millions. They don't believe in any of it. These are progressives in liberal clothing, sure they believe in abortion, not because it's a women right, but because it controls the population and supports selective breeding, weeding out the less desirable.

Hollywood's relentless abortion drive

The president of the Christian Coalition of America, Roberta Combs, last Friday wrote a commentary entitled "Parents' Rights Constitutional Amendment vs. U.N.'s Convention of "Rights" of the Child."  Mrs. Combs rightfully supported the bill  --  Parents' Rights Constitutional Amendment (H. J. Res. 42)  --   authored by Michigan Republican Congressman Pete Hoekstra and co-sponsored by the Republican leader, John Boehner from Ohio, and some 100 other Members of the House of Representatives.  

This past weekend, Hollywood came out with another political movie which undermines parental rights entitled "My Sister's Keeper" starring Camerson Diaz which, although interesting, advocates the rights of children over parental rights and of course managed to insert one of Hollywood's favorite motifs of the abortion movement:  "It's my body.  It's my choice."     

In the movie, Cameron Diaz and her husband conceived a baby to produce parts, including stem cells, a kidney, etc, for their older daughter dying of cancer.  The "designer baby," now a young girl of around ten years old, brings a lawsuit to court to supposedly gain medical emancipation from her parents with the help of her attorney, a member of the ACLU, played by Alec Baldwin.   

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Bush in Review (part One)

The President is winding down a turbulent eight year ride, on the bus, in front of the bus, and ultimately under the bus. President Bush has been a convenient punching bag and the butt of a joke that never grows old. The dust will settle and all the present Hollywood wienies will hang up their soap boxes and return to the comfort of their multi-million dollar mansions in Malibu. Retiring in safe comfort, afforded by the blood of the patriots they so viciously criticized. Their fate will eventually reside on the back of a DVD box in the $5.00 grab bin at Wal-Mart. President Bush, however, might finally receive the credit he deserves.

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