Book Sales Surged After "Lincoln"

Book Sales Surged After "Lincoln"

Los Angeles : CA : USA | May 15, 2013 at 3:33 PM PDT
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Lincoln by David Herbert Donald
Book TV: David Herbert Donald

by Rev. Austin Miles

Guest Column On Mel Gibson Debacle

Our guest columnist, Jen Shroder is a skilled writer of total integrity who tackles the  issues affecting America today minus the whitewash, which sets her apart.. She has not shirked from printing the truth even though her courage has prompted death threats and attempts to sabotage her website. This woman of courage continues to stand firm, breaking news that the news media is either afraid to touch, or WILL not touch due to their own agenda. Her columns are published on major news sites throughout the world as well as her website, Blessedcause.com  Ms. Shroder is also a woman of God who, like this writer, wants to see this country return to her original intent and roots. 

 Mel Gibson, the noted actor-director has been very much in the news recently with shots being fired at him from all directions. Those cannons on the hillsides were aiming at him from the moment it was learned that he was producing the film, The Passion of The Christ. The astonishing attacks began before anybody even saw his film, which, by the way, was and is sensational, and true, and he has been attacked with regularity since the film's release.  So some of the accounts of his current domestic squabbles could very well be exaggerated due to the hatred of him by the Marxists in Hollywood and the media.  Jen Shroder has written (and published) the very finest take on this situation of any writer anywhere. It is with Ms. Shroder's permission that her story is published on this website and my other sites, as it appeared in Renewamerica.com

Fed-up Audiences Flock to Family/Faith Based Films-Grizzly Adams Productions Leads the Pack and Why

A change has indeed taken place since Obama took over The Oval Office, but it was not a change that we can thank Him for. This change evolved naturually as Hollywood noticed they had to work harder to capture patrons. Even though their product was becoming more and more 'sensational' with seductions, adultry, perversion, drugs, and nudity, as buildings, cars and houses are being blown apart around them accompanied by toilet vulgarity. This artifically sweetened fare, which only increase appetite made audiences demand even more sensationalism and kinky sex, while leaving them less satisfied with the explicit fare they were being served.

It is like the womanizer who wanders from woman to woman and instead of gaining more enjoyment of sex, becomes bored with it to the point that nobody really satisfies him any more, totally destroying the joy and unspeakable ecstasy he could have had with his wife. He wanted it all and wound up with nothing, which belongs to the school of Life's Logic.

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