When Freedom of Speech Collides with Political Correctness--Jerry Newcombe Takes the Keyboard

"Freedom of Speech," seems to cover everything BUT freedom of speech. Under that purposely misdefined civil right, one can harass family members at the funeral of one of their loved ones, insult deeply held beliefs of Christians by publicly exhibiting as 'art' an image of Christ on the Cross submerged in a jar of urine with the title, "Piss Christ" while TV programs allow strings of vulgarity such as the "F" word on prime time programs.

And yes, one can openly promote and engage in perverted sexual practices with men made up as women throwing condoms on the altar of a Catholic Church during a Sacred Mass, disrupting the service. They say that this is exercising the 'right of Freedom of Speech.' But incredibly, that is where Freedom of Speech ends. If one finds any deviant behavior repugnant and reacts to it as such, censure and even arrest is possible. Freedom of Speech has collided with Political Correctness which trumps all Freedom of Speech. My head is spinning. Guest Commentator Jerry Newcombe approaches the keyboard to help us sort it out.

Milestone for MilesTones-Polar Bears Irish?--Woman Pope!-and More...

Milestone for Website!  But first, this office has been swarming with financial planners and advisors offering their services due to my Termination Settlement from the Examiner who cast out this writer for not standing up for homosexuality which every citizen and writer must understand is a duty.

The Examiner fired me for writing a story about homosexuality without endorsing and promoting it in my columns. For example: in the Contra Costa Times, the front page headline of the Morning Report (7/17/11) blared, ‘Same-Sex Marriages Face Limits in Military." But above the headline is the required political spin: "Unequal Benefits." So does this qualify as a news story or is it an editorial propaganda piece? This writer was edited out for not putting such spins on anything homosexual.

Milestone for MilesTones. Eureka! A little earlier today, we clocked in our quarter of a millionth reader on: www.revaustinmiles.com  Yep, a quarter million readers! And that number is climbng by the hundreds as this is being typed. Thank you all for supporting and boosting this site and the site you are now reading that pick up my stories.

Visitors have been streaming in and out of our office to congratulate us on reaching that quarter-million mark:

Severance Pay Package for Fired Examiner Writer Disclosed!

This scribe, recently fired from the Examiner for not endorsing and promoting homosexuality, received a severance pay package today, July 20, 2011, the details of which will be revealed in this story.

Wall Street, failed bankers, politicians; university professors-any and all prominent workers who have been removed from their jobs for any reason, can expect severance pay and a pension package to generously support them for the rest of their lives without having to work

So it is only proper, if this is really a true democracy, that anyone prominent, in public view, including writers (who especially are), should receive the same compensation package in the name of equality. Otherwise discrimination laws might come into play.

The Examiner, a web newssite that leans to the far left of the Rainbow, axed this writer (who had written for them the last several months), over the story, Welcome to The Gaily News, a story that spotlighted the increasing numbers of daily news stories regarding homosexuality, often several such stories in one issue. That story can be seen at: http://www.revaustinmiles.com

To prove that point, the very next day after that story broke, the Contra Costa Times had a front-page headlined story that dominated a full half of that page and ran the entire length from top to bottom and continued inside..

Savage Beating of Teen Coming To Amerika--Examiner Censors This Writer!

Breaking! It has already started. The government is cracking down on writers and reporters who are not writing what THEY want written. This morning, I received official notice that I had been removed as a writer for The Examiner, effective immediately.

All the stories I wrote were scrubbed at the same time. Joshua Futterman of The Examiner emailed that I had continually violated the ‘terms of agreement. ‘(?) Their problem seems to be that I wrote the truth about where our government is headed, and how Obama has paved the way for Commmunist take-over of the government.

The last straw for the Examiner was my current story; "Welcome to The Gayly News", which told of how the newspapers are furthering the ‘gay' cause by legitimizing the homosexual lifestyle in their continual stories and why they are doing it. You can see that story on this website or at: www.revaustinmiles.com

Directly related to America is the horrifying news that broke this morning from Syria, about a skinny 15 year old boy who had been arrested for opposing Bashar Assad and refusing to proclaim the strongman his "beloved" president. Instead, he chanted for "freedom and the love of God and our country."

It did not stop with the arrest. The boy was taken to an interrogation center where he was repeatedly beaten by 8 or 9 military men who struck his head, back, feet and genitals while he cried out for his mother and father to help him. He was beaten for two days without let-up.


God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Father of Jesus, please help me now to speak in accordance with your word regarding the issue of homosexuality.

Do I know if there is a scientifically recognized chromosomal predisposition to homosexual behavior? I have seen some studies that indicate yes but more studies that indicate no. I have seen statistical analyses linking childhood sexual abuse, religion, culture, even demographics. However, my blog is not about homosexual determinism, but rather about Christian outreach.

Let's get out of the way what I think personally about homosexuals:
1. Homosexuals can be as productive and as normal seeming as heterosexuals (seeming because there are heterosexuals and homosexuals both who deal with sexual sins).
2. Homosexuals are not the word I am using nor or they the Gay Community, they are real individuals with hopes, aspirations, and in many cases a yearning for a spiritual identity.
3. Christians are called upon by God to minister to all who would listen.

To continue; I can and do enjoy some art (music, film, writings) of homosexuals whether I know at the time I am first introduced to them or only afterwards (as long as the art does not openly promote homosexuality and the author is not virulently open about their lifestyle).

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MilesTones: Sarah's Emails, Military Treatment, Holocaust Denial, and More

We are exercising extreme discipline and restraint today. This means that the Anthony Weiner Roast is over. Finished. Kapoot! Besides, we should not poke fun at Weiner until we have walked a mile in his pants, which is difficult when they are around the ankles. AHHHHH! No more! Enough already! Moving right along....

SUDDEN THAWT DEPT. (with thanks to the late Robert Sylvester of The New York Daily News) Why are the politicians spending so much time with a fine tooth comb—combing every word in the 24,000 Sarah Palin emails coming and going when she was Governor of Alaska, determined to find a flaw in her character, while brushing off any of Obama’s emails, college records, transcripts and proof of citizenship by birth to verify his legitimacy to occupy The Oval Office? Just wondering.

Thinking of Obama, here is his response when he backed down from his just hatched plan to require that military personnel pay for the treatment of their war injuries. (!) This righfully resulted in bad press including major mockery of the executive directive, by comedian Jon Stewart, which led to Obama abandoning his proposal to require veterans to carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540 billion annual cost to the federal government for treatment for injuries that military personnel received during their tours on active duty. The President mumbled that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal.  Really?

MilesTones-TombStones-Perplexing Porn Puzzle-Airport Strip Searches-Obama's 2012 Plan--More

So what do good church people do with a winning lottery ticket purchased at a [Detroit] Porn Shop worth $129.million? What anyone with a sense of propriety would do since a Christian can't even give the appearance of evil--have someone else pick up the winnings for you. Now hold on there....thou shalt not judge--you know that! Besides, according to news reports, they plan to donate some of the winnings to the church.. the High Court just announced it is considering banning Christian Foster Parents but same-sex "gay" couples are still OK so breath easier...more Blame Duck sessions in The Capitol about to begin...and recent headlines declare: "Catholic Church Needs Exorcists," a ritual that should be in great demand in...ahh never mind!

We Got Emails! Poppycock Panoramic Piece Prompts Prattle

My story/review of Prince Poppycock’s final performance on America’s Got Talent pulled so much email that our inbox could not accept any more. [In] that story,” Prince Poppycock’s Popoffs Puff Cool Million plus Shot at Stardom” it was obvious that I considered him a good talent, but was frustrated that the young panicle blew his chance of winning the top slot because of his own attitude, which killed him in a matter of split-seconds.

All readers who wrote (except one) saw the same thing.. And it was evident that I was upset that he blew it, not becuase of talent quality, but by his own arrogance. Surprisingly, an overwhelming number of emails came from gays who agreed with me. Several of them stated that Poppycock had caused harm to gays by his conduct. One went so far as to say, “Poppycock does NOT represent us!”  They were frankly embarrased by his insults to a talent judge before millions of people. It is too bad when a good talent, through lack of grace. can slide down the tubes like this.

Oh yes, the one testy email was short but the writer obviously was looking for anything to jump on and curtly advised me that I had written about Poppycock’s father when his father had been dead for years. I checked my original story on my blogs and re-read it a couple of times trying to find that reference.

This writer is the first to boost good talent but will never boost rudeness. My hope is that a kinder-gentler Prince Poppycock will emerge..

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Prince Poppycock's Popoffs Puffs Cool Million plus Star Status

It was a self-inflicted crash that took with it a million dollars and a shot at stardom. And it proved that even though ‘America’s Got Talent,’ it will mean nothing if you alienate your audience. And it shows clearly why we need to get back to having a little more class and some manners.

On Tuesday night (9/14/10), the four finalists for the international talent show were to give their last best-effort performance in the hopes of snagging the biggest prize on televsion, a million dollars plus a starring role in a Las Vegas show. One of those contestants was ” Prince Poppycock” whom the judges had already declared a winner who could indeed headline a Vegas show. Audience reaction to his initial appearances seemed to back that up with their enthusiastic response while his mother cheered him on from the sidelines.  He had clearly become an audience favorite with his rather strange but fascinating presentation.

The four finalists had gone through their auditions, the long performance-elimination process, then to the Final Ten.  And now the finale, The Final Four.  The competition was stiff,  with the incredible Fighting Gravity troup with a colorful black light presentation,  Michael Grim, a very likeable singer from Mississippi with a soul and blues style,. and the 10 year old singing sensation, Jackie Evancho, a phenomenal little girl with a trained operatic voice that astonished every audience she appeared before.

Prop 8 Judge-Ruling Illegal-Obama's Ground Zero Mosque-Not to Miss Radio Program

The Judicial Commission Ethics Panel makes it clear that a judge who has a personal interest in a case to come before his court that can result in personal gain to that judge, is under obligation to recuse himself or herself from that case. That is the law. And that rule of ethics seems particularly applicable to this case. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is a homosexual, which is no secret, and it is reported that he has a "partner." Yet he positioned himself to make the defining decision regarding "gay marriage." He was not nor IS not legally seated to hear and rule on the "Constitutionality of Proposition 8" since he personally benefits from this ruling.

The judge and his prejudiced ruling is Null and Void and must be declared so immediately.  I urge lawyers to hammer home that issue. The ABA Ethics Panel has a similar rule for lawyers. They cannot impanel a juror [if] the prospective juror is a personal friend of the attorney. It could not be more clear.  BREAKING Update Below.

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