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Arizona, illegal immigration and boycotts

There's a really interesting new poll out today - from CNN no less - which shows OVERWHELMING opposition by the American people to any attempted boycotts against Arizona as a result of its new immigration enforcement law.  Further, it shows the country moving away from Obama and the Democrats on this issue at a pretty rapid clip.

From the poll:

  • A full 82% of Americans as being opposed to boycotts against Arizona - and 57% saying that they support the law.
  • 60% of the public favoring immigration reform that focuses on enforcing the law and the border, (instead of the "comprehensive, let's find a way to let them stay and be legal" reform).
  • 54% say that they support building the border fence.
  • And support for more fines on businesses that hire illegals has risen to 71% (from 58% four years ago).

It should also be pointed out here that CNN sampled over 1,000 "adults" - meaning that their sample wasn't limited to just "registered voters" or even "likely voters", each of which almost always would produce even more "conservative" responses to the questions, (and would be more informative for analysis in terms of potential political / election impact).

Students sent home for wearing stars and stripes on Cinco de Mayo

Believe it or not, in the United States of America, students have been forced to go home from school for wearing patriotic shirts with the colors or design of the American flag.

Why you might ask?  Because it was Cinco de Mayo and deemed to be inappropriate by school administrators. 

Yes, really...  (Via KTUV in Morgan Hill, California):

Five students at a South Bay high school stirred up some controversy Wednesday for wearing t-shirts depicting red, white and blue American flags on Cinco de Mayo.

School officials at Live Oak High in Morgan Hill told the students they had to go home if they wouldn’t turn the shirts inside out.

One of the students said it appeared school administrators were worried the patriotic shirts could trigger fights. ...

Four of the five students who wore American flags or patriotic colors on campus walked into a meeting with the superintendent of the Morgan Hill unified school district Wednesday night.

They were facing unexcused absences because they chose to go home early rather than take off what they were wearing. ...

Student Anthony Caravalho was also sent home for not turning his shirt inside out.

“They said we had to wear our t-shirts inside out and then we could go back to class and we said no,” said Caravalho. “It would be disrespectful to the flag by hiding it.” ...

Cutting the border budget

Since the State of the Union speech, (or really since the Scott Brown win in Massachusetts), Barack Obama has been working to polish his "fiscal accountability" credentials.

He told Congress that he wanted to institute a freeze on all "discretionary" domestic spending, which is another way of saying "everything except Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, defense, interest payments, stimulus spending, bailouts and anything we want to call an 'emergency'".  This means that the "freeze" is projected to apply to about $450 billion (or 13%) of a $3.5 trillion dollar budget.

This is essentially like putting a smiley face on a death certificate.  Or rather a "fiscal death certificate", considering his new budget projects the biggest deficit in American history and a national debt of about $20 trillion in the next decade.

So while we're continuing to "not" freeze spending on entitlement programs, what exactly are we cutting? According to USA Today:

Obama to push for amnesty?

Will Obama make a push for amnesty for illegal aliens in his State of the Union speech?  The Washington Examiner's Byron York says yes. He contends that it's one of the other unfullfilled promises Obama made to his base, and he needs to get them into a better mood going into this fall's election.  And, presumably, the people a push for amnesty would upset, are already upset.

The latest indication that Obama plans to move ahead on his commitment
to comprehensive reform is in a set of videos released by the White
House to mark the president's first year in office. The videos, in
which cabinet members explain their goals for the coming year, are on the White House website.
In one of them, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano touts her
department's efforts in 2009 to deploy "more people, technology, and
resources" at the nation's borders. In 2010, Napolitano says, Homeland
Security will work on aviation security, information sharing, border
security, and: "We will pursue comprehensive immigration reform to
address longstanding problems with our immigration system."

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