Indian Casinos

BREAKING! Last Rites for Richmond Gambling Rights!

After several years of hearings that began in 2003, with haggling, cajoling, coercing, threatening and payoffs, the proposed $1.2 billlion Casino-Hotel-Resort at Richmond’s water front, has been given the last rites for the Richmond, Point Molate gambling rights. Even though the voters overwhelmingly made their opposition clear, the tribe of Guidivillle Band of Pomo Indians,  with gambling profiteers behind the proposal, were determined to push this on the people. These tribal casinos were hatched by the mob using white-guilt of past injustices to the Indians to gain traction for the scheme,  in this case, the Guidiville Band of of Pomo Indians to front the project.

Indeed at one of the hearings that this writer attended, one speaker who opposed the casino felt obligated to state that this was nothing against the Indians, he had no prejudice towards them etc. etc. etc.  So white people were shoe-horned into a position to be called racists if they didn’t approve the Indian Casino because Indians were running it.  Clever move on the part of the mob.

Millions upon millions of dollars of cash in the stash was offered, motivated by the speculation that the casino would take in $1 billion a year AS PROFIT! This is of course serious money that would propel one to use any means necessary to accomplish the goal. That includes generous bribes and bribe offers.

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