Alternatives to ObamaCare

I asked for Christians to come up with a better plan a couple of weeks ago, but got no response.  Why?

I have some ideas:

- Allow for a high risk pool, like we have for auto insurance, so people with pre-existing conditions can get insurance.

- Allow health insurance companies to sell across state lines.  This would allow people to choose their plans and by having a larger group to sell to, would decrease premiums.

- If they don't want to do a high risk pool, why not allow people who have been denied insurance three or more times to be able to BUY INTO the current plans government employees have now.

- Prevent insurance companies from denying or non-renewing coverage to small businesses when an employee gets sick.

These options wouldn't break the bank, and would solve many of the problems we have now.

Let's come up with our own health care plan!

As a Christian, I have a problem opposing national health care. Why can't we take care of our sick who are in need? What would Jesus do?

Right now, doctors are beholden to profit-making corporations, and instead of a bureaucrat between you and your doctor, an employee of a profit-making corporation is making decisions that will determine how much money the corporation profits. That sounds immoral to me.

Here in the US, if you want to see a specialist, you have to see your primary care physician first (and you sometimes wait weeks for an appointment), and if they think you need to see the specialist, they write you a referral, which goes to the profit-making corporation to decide whether or not they will cover it - and that can take weeks, or even years if they decide not to cover it right away. Then you make the appointment to see the specialist, and the wait there can be weeks.

Doctor "referred" suicide?

It seem that the euthanasia crowd is working to promote an alternative to doctor "assisted" in, doctor "referred" suicide".  Meaning that they get the government to order doctors to tell patients that they have the option of killing themselves, and "here's a list of groups that will show you how".

Via Lifenews

As a method of getting states to promote suicide without legalizing the practice of assisted suicide, euthanasia backers are relying on legislation that forces doctors to promote suicide as an option. The bills also make it so pro-euthanasia groups are given referral status to talk with patients.

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