Muslim Complaint Ends Pledge in Idaho School

by Rev. Austin Miles--Traveling Cross-Country

(Boise Idaho 12/27/10) When one thinks of the State of Idaho, visions of tradition, patriotism, apple pie and picket fences refreshingly comes to mind. Oops--also potatoes. However those days seem to have screeched to an abrupt stop, ending the last vestige of the America we once knew and loved. As kids return to school after Christmas break, one school will have a zero-tolerance Pledge policy.

A lone female Muslim who is a student at Vallivue Academy in Caldwell, Idaho, complained [that] saying the Pledge of Allegience before classes was offensive to her Islamic faith and demanded that the recitation of it be stopped. The school--an American school--in America, readily complied and the national pledge was axed due to the demand of one Muslim girl.

At that same school, we were told, a young man, who our source would not identify for his protection, was temporarily expelled and sent home because he made a comment critical of the government and Obama during a social studies class discussion. If this is true then something must be done.

So here is a public school class discussion where only one point of view is allowed, and if any student has another viewpoint or dares to speak against Marxism, Communism, Islam and Obama, he is kicked out of the school!  And it has been strongly implied that if he does not repent and says anything else critical of our government and Obama, he will not be allowed to graduate.

Is He or Isn't He? Shocking Revelation by His Own Words!

You are about to see final proof as to who He really is, and, in his own words that cannot be disputed. If this doesn't spur America and the new Congress to action, then nothing will. But first......

At this moment a case is being heard in Federal Court regarding the establishment of Sharia Law in the State of Oklahoma. Arguments from CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), a "Muslim Civil Rights Group," declares it is unconstitutional to NOT allow Sharia Law in Okahoma.

This is a case that should never have even been considered for discussion, debate or hearing. This is AMERICA upholding the laws of America and her culture. We can thank the demoncrats for allowing such a case to even be brought before an American court. And as we all know, once Sharia Law is ensconced in Oklahoma it will spread through every state in our country. And this entire matter could not have advanced had it not been for higher-ups including The One whose words explain it all below.

MilesTones-TombStones-Perplexing Porn Puzzle-Airport Strip Searches-Obama's 2012 Plan--More

So what do good church people do with a winning lottery ticket purchased at a [Detroit] Porn Shop worth $129.million? What anyone with a sense of propriety would do since a Christian can't even give the appearance of evil--have someone else pick up the winnings for you. Now hold on there....thou shalt not judge--you know that! Besides, according to news reports, they plan to donate some of the winnings to the church.. the High Court just announced it is considering banning Christian Foster Parents but same-sex "gay" couples are still OK so breath easier...more Blame Duck sessions in The Capitol about to begin...and recent headlines declare: "Catholic Church Needs Exorcists," a ritual that should be in great demand in...ahh never mind!

Sixth Grader's Field Trip to Mosque to Bow Down to Allah!--Two Incredible Videos

Americans for Peace and Tolerance released a video showing 6th graders from Wellesley, MA as they rise from prostrating themselves alongside Muslim men in a prayer to Allah while on a public school field trip to the largest mosque in the Northeast. Teachers did not intervene. Parents had not been told. And where was the ACLU?  Not a peep from them. It is only Christianity that they fear and work to make illegal.  You will see a video of this outrage along with another video of my interview on this for the national radio program, Issues in Education.

U.N. Outraged At Burning of West Bank Mosque--Whoa--Hold on There!

According to Ekklesia, the leftist religious think tank of London, The United Nations has voiced its shock following the burning of a mosque in The West Bank that is suspected to be an act of arson. Media reports say that the incident took place in the early morning of October 4th in the village of Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem.

The attack, the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) said, is completely unacceptable, with Special Coordinator Robert Serry also extremetly concerned over the mosque’s desecration.

UNSCO reminded the Israeli Government that the extremists responsible for such attacks must be brought to justice and the rule of law upheld.  That’s all fine, U.N.. However, why has there not been even a peep out of this organization when Christian churches are burned down with increasing regularity, Christians are burned alive by Muslims and women raped by Muslims in front of their husbands and children? Looks a little one sided from this vantage point.

So this UN protection is selective and applies only to Muslims which they have accepted as the One World Religion of a One World Order under construction.  It is to be remembered that Muslims not that long ago, took over the Church of the Nativity, a sacred spot for Christians, trashed a lot of it while holed up there, and used pages of The Holy Bible as toilet paper. Again, not one word from the U.N.

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Dems Hide Communist Sponsorship of D.C. March Yesterday

Public deception was again front and center when a March on Washington took place yesterday, Saturday, October 2, 2010. Spuriously billed as “A March For Unity-One Nation Working Together,” the event purported to be a march by Progressives (another name for Democrats but actually meaning Socialists) with the stated purpose, “To stand together demanding that Congress reject the Republican right-wing obstruction and put the creation of jobs and the plight of the jobless on the front burner.”  I waited for over 24 hours before filing this story to see what media coverage there would be, and IF they told the truth about this demonstration in our Capitol. They didn’t.

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Burn Quran Day Idea Not So Hot

It was on, then it was off, now it is on again. Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, a tiny church of 50 members says that today, September 11, 2010, on the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 sneak attacks on America by Muslims, the Burn a Quran Day WILL take place today in the parking lot of his church. This writer thinks that the idea of burning copies of the Quran is not so hot, even though you will be surprised as to why this objection is offered. It’s not what you think.

This morning (Friday Sept.10,2010), the Occupier of The Oval Office held a pathetic news conference where he virtually begged Pastor Jones not to go through with this idea, because this will upset Muslims which will put our miltary personnel at risk and would lead to violence to Americans overseas. How’s that again? Our troops are ALREADY at risk, constantly. Not only those in Afghanistan and Iraq, but on our own miltary bases right here in America, such as Ft. Hood where a Muslim soldier stationed there, shot up the base, killing and wounding dozens of military personnel. There was no Quran burned. 
As for attacks on Americans overseas, American civilians found we were not even safe from Muslims in our own country. In 1993, American bred Muslims used a car bomb to explode at the World Trade Buildings in New York. And that was WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PROVOCATION OR QURAN BURNING.

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Prop 8 Judge-Ruling Illegal-Obama's Ground Zero Mosque-Not to Miss Radio Program

The Judicial Commission Ethics Panel makes it clear that a judge who has a personal interest in a case to come before his court that can result in personal gain to that judge, is under obligation to recuse himself or herself from that case. That is the law. And that rule of ethics seems particularly applicable to this case. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is a homosexual, which is no secret, and it is reported that he has a "partner." Yet he positioned himself to make the defining decision regarding "gay marriage." He was not nor IS not legally seated to hear and rule on the "Constitutionality of Proposition 8" since he personally benefits from this ruling.

The judge and his prejudiced ruling is Null and Void and must be declared so immediately.  I urge lawyers to hammer home that issue. The ABA Ethics Panel has a similar rule for lawyers. They cannot impanel a juror [if] the prospective juror is a personal friend of the attorney. It could not be more clear.  BREAKING Update Below.

OUTRAGE! Ground Zero Mosque to Open on 9/11 Anniversary!

Yes, you read that right. The 13 story mosque to be built on the Ground Zero location has been approved and is set to begin construction work, with the Grand Opening scheduled for September 11, 2011.  It is to be named The Cordova House which is significant. That name comes from Cordova, Spain that marked one of Islam's greatest conquests during the Middle Ages. To celebrate the conquest, the Muslims took over the Catholic Church and turned it into a giant mosque.  This is the usual method in which they mark a conquest.  

 What is worse,  New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg along with other knuckle-headed oatmeal-for-brains officials all approve of this whole package even though this sacred site, where thousands of our citizens were brutally killed,  will be represented as the Arch of Triumph for Islam. And it was carefully planned to have the grand opening of the mosque on the anniversay of their attack on New York and America. Talk about nerve. And Bloomberg, the various boards, and planning commissions are allowing this outrage to take place. Indeed, they are encouraging it. Has a plague of insanity hit this nation?

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