Capitol Hill Update: U.S. must stop pressuring Israel

The Obama administration continues to favor Israel's enemies in the Middle East.  They continue to pressure Israel to not even build new settlements which are needed to serve the natural growth rate of the population in areas which have belonged to Israel for thousands of years.   

In her "Jerusalem Post" column on August 27th, Caroline Click said:  "On Tuesday the Guardian reported that the Obama administration is now making Israel an offer it can't refuse: In exchange for a government order to freeze construction for Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, the administration will adopt a 'much tougher line with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program.'" 

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Forcing Israel's Hand

When I learned that we were extending Miranda Rights to enemy combatants, a right specifically afforded to citizens of the United States by the framers of our Constitution, I conceded, the idea of this republic surviving(in tact) for 3.5 more years, was a fantasy. I will be writing about the demise of America(as we knew it) in an upcoming article titled, Amerika. Now, however, is it only me or does it seem President Obama is on course to irreversibly change the dynamic of our relationship with Israel? For the worse.

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Obama's dangerous policy against Israel

Obama's speech last week in Cairo, Egypt was highly dangerous in that he did not say that America will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.  During his presidential campaign, he said his administration would not allow Iran to possess nuclear weapons.    

As evidence of yet another broken campaign promise, Obama said in his Cairo speech that taking out a nation's nuclear weapons is not a decision left to one nation, but to a community of nations or words to that effect.  Bill Kristol on Fox News Sunday yesterday said that Obama hardly mentioned anything about this serious threat from Iran during his Cairo speech.  

Charles Krauthammer, on the same Fox News Sunday program, said that in his speech, Obama compared the genocide against the Jews (the Holocaust) with the dislocation of Palestinians because of Israel's actions following the war.  Such comparisons, said Krauthammer, "[are] morally indecent,"   Obama's moral equivalence nonsense is what the world also heard from the failed Carter one-term administration.   

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Obama's relentless pressure on Israel to stop building new settlements

Barack Obama recently met with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on his visit to America and was pressuring the Israeli leader to stop building settlements in Israel. America's foreign policy establishment continues to harass the only legitimate democracy in the Middle East and to endanger the security of this tiny country nestled amongst hoardes of vipers.

As one of the speakers during a Support Israel Rally at a recent Christian Coalition of America Road to Victory Conference wrote in an email this week: "'Peace, peace,' they say, when there is no peace." Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of the International Christian Zionist Center, was quoting Jeremiah 8:11 as he realistically assessed the ever-tumultuous situation in the Middle East concerning Israel and Obama's 2-state solution.

Israel Under Attack...AGAIN

Once again, an enemy of Israel attacks civilians with thousands of rockets, and Israel is asked to show restraint and talk. I wonder how we would react if we were in Israel’s position. They are surrounded by those who reject their right to exist and fight daily to erase them from the landscape forever. Their enemies consider all Jews their enemy regardless of age, sex, civilian or military. They indiscriminately lob rockets and deploy homicide bombers in areas around schools, hospitals and shops and show no remorse for shedding of civilian blood. Many leaders, including the US have asked Israel over and over again to show restraint while their people are murdered by a fanatic enemy whose goal is martyrdom. Peace will never be attained as long as there are those who refuse to allow Israel to exist and follow the demented mindset of fanatical Islam.

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Disproportionate fear

Canada launches missile attack on U.S and kill seven in Detroit, Obama refuses comment, Nicolas Sarkozy worries U.S might respond with disproportionate force, Oprah yet to weigh in.

Let’s suspend reality for a moment, at least the part about the Canadian missile launch, now let’s talk about the two Israelis killed Monday night by Gaza militants (i.e. Terrorist). As Israel continued its third day of aerial assaults, a terrified Israeli woman searched desperately for shelter from one of the countless Hamas missile strikes; the warning siren didn’t sound soon enough to provide her with safety, she would later die, a casualty to shrapnel wounds. The other unfortunate death was a defense soldier killed in a mortar attack.

Why does Israel matter to the United States?

The Bible states that those who support Israel are blessed and those who do not are cursed.  Could it be that the presidency of George W.

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