In Israel - Palestinian Battle Waging Over Higher Education

The battle over Jerusalem has extended to higher education. A firestorm erupted over Israel’s offer to East Jerusalem Arab schools to teach the Israeli curriculum instead of the Palestinian one. The Israeli curriculum could open the door for Arab students to take the Israeli matriculation exams and study at its high-ranked colleges and universities. Many East Jerusalem parents realize that access to Israel’s colleges and universities would boost their children’s careers. To that end, the Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Ministry designated 20 million Israeli shekels (more than $5.5 million) for physical plant upgrades to the seven East Jerusalem municipality schools that accepted the option.

Fiddlers of Deception

The old phrase of “not being able to see the forest for the trees” is now a veritable truth when it comes to Western society and especially the United States.  Identifying, or at least accurately naming, the source of terrorism seems to elude many in the United States. That old adage was often associated with a degree of levity however that “forest” now includes changes in law that are not so funny to millions of Americans.  Allowing Sharia law to secure a foothold anywhere in the United States is a very serious mistake yet it is happening. Just ask Google. The liberal left is either unable or unwilling to name this cancer and exercise a cure and this could mean the downfall of our American way of life and the values and freedoms we embrace and enjoy. 

Young Terrorist Trainees

HD Commentary by Earl Cox


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Releasing Terrorists Will Not Bring Peace but Will Ignite an Inferno of Terrorism

HD Commentary by Earl Cox


Terrorism in America – Fighting an Enemy Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken

Terrorism in America – Fighting an Enemy Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken

While the U.S. was still reeling from the devastation caused by the Boston bombing and before it was known who was responsible for the act, there were those on the left who assumed, even hoped, that it was an act of right-wing terrorism.  When their hopes were dashed, they took a detour from grieving for the victims and began instead to focus on, as they imagined it, the probability of backlash against Muslim Americans. Apparently, they anticipated a string of retributive attacks against Muslim Americans. These speculators tend to be very selective about which victims deserve their attention and empathy.  And, their ideology is based on the belief that “Islamophobia” like its cohort, racism, is a prevalent force in the world.

History Curriculum Backed by CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood

In December, I reported on the move by the federal government to replace traditional curriculum with government information documents. This is part of the trend towards the centralization of education, which has resulted in parents and teachers having less impact on what goes on in the classroom while the federal government’s control is expanded. One of the main concerns regarding the government information documents is the high potential for a politicized curriculum.

Add to that the revisionist history being taught in some classrooms, along with the the promotion of one religion over another.

An example of this can be found in the Texas Education Service Center Curriculum collaborative (TESCCC) and its company, CSCOPE, a major producer of curriculum used in the Texas education system.  A report shows that CSCOPE has portrayed participants in the Boston Tea Party as terrorists and is also accused of having developed an anti-Christian, pro-Islam curriculum.

And, though by law the curriculum is supposed to be accessible to parents, according to the Texas CSCOPE Review:

Funding Egypt Riots by Cutting U.S. Military!

Funding Egypt Riots by Cutting U.S. Military !

Cairo : Egypt | Sep 14, 2012 at 7:09 PM PDT
Photo by Ahmed Mahmud
America Financed Riots in Egypt

by Rev. Austin Miles

CAIRO Egypt (9/13/12) Determined to weaken the defense of America against enemies sworn to destroy us, while at the same time strengthening Muslim Jihad against us, Obama is cutting $487 Billion from our military, which will, according to Reuters, eliminate nearly 100,000 ground troops, mothballing ships and trimming air squadrons. And this boneheaded decision was made while America is engaged in a vicious war.

Those cuts will also mean a slash in tactical support for the young men and women sent to the battlefields, including weapons, ammunition and vehicles. Yes, sending them out unprotected.

While Muslim Plans Murders in Ft. Hood, Obama Prays in Mosque

Obama refused to [even] address (by video) the National Day of Prayer At The Pole when thousands of Christians came to The Capitol. The president rudely snubbed them. However, he DID take part in the celebration of Ramadam, the Muslim holiday, greeted Muslims who came to D.C. and invited a Muslim committee to The White House where he took part in the end of Ramadam meal with them.  He has shown the nation that for him, Christianity is out, Islam is in. Is he or isn't he?  Here is he answer.   

This photo was just forwarded to me by Rev. Richard Lee of Washington State. The obviously untouched photo of Obama removing his shoes before Muslim prayer in a Mosque shows that America might have elected a Muslim as President whose birthplace is in question.  

The Constitution clearly states that a candidate for President must be a natural born United States Citizen, swears to uphold the Constitution, and to protect our citizens from terrorists.  Obama and his handlers have refused to provide his actual birth certificate and he certainly has not upheld the Constitution nor has he protected America from her enemies. Indeed, he has comforted those who would destroy our nation and is in the process of selling us out to the enemies of America.

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