Jim DeMint

U.S. to Illinois: “Drop Dead”

On October 30, 1975, the “New York Daily News” had a headline in 3 inch bold print over a photograph of President Gerald R. Ford blaring: “FORD TO CITY:  DROP DEAD.”   That headline became one of the most famous political headlines in American history.  It encouraged the weak and discouraged conservative movement demoralized after several years of big spending by the nearly-impeached President Richard Nixon during his disastrous time in office.  President Ford had given a speech the day before the attention-getting newspaper headline in which he denied federal assistance in order to spare the big-spending New York City from bankruptcy.

Ironically, the RINO (Republican in Name Only) president, Gerald R. Ford, blamed the headline  --  which had cheered the conservative movement  --  for his losing the presidency to Jimmy Carter the next year after barely losing New York’s electoral votes.  Ford protested that he never said those words “drop dead.”  Ford whined years later, “It more than annoyed me because it wasn’t accurate.  It was very unfair.”

The Cure for What Ails Healthcare Reform: Competition and Free Markets

The growing public skepticism toward President Obama's federal takeover of American health care is a welcome reminder of the wisdom and responsibility of the American people. In a certain sense, the collapsing support for the Democrats' scheme was inevitable. After all, the initial "support" was always based on the president's gauzy aspirations rather than on the ghastly details of 800-page legislation written by a Star Wars cantina of corporate lobbyists and liberal committee chairmen.

Sen DeMint Sponsors Amendment to Remove Faith Discrimination from Stimulus Bill

Senator Jim DeMint sponsors amendment to Obama "stimulus" bill, with co-sponsor Senator Sam Brownback, which deletes the prohibition of grant money from being spent on facilities that are used for "sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity, or in which a substantial portion of the functions are subsumed in a religious mission" - DeMint Amend. Loses 43-54 Last Night - Democrats' goal is to put people of faith at yet another disadvantage


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