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Newspapers That Caused Pastor's Death MUST Be Legally Charged

Aside from what qualifies as mandatory criminal prosecution, a Wrongful Death Suit is also a proper legal remedy against any individual (s) who directly contributes to a death. These laws are in place for good reason.

There is absolutely no question that the suicide of Pastor Jarry Hanoum on May 4th was directly caused by The Brentwood Press that started the frenzy over his alleged questionable financial dealings and The Contra Costa Times and their reporters based in Walnut Creek, California, who picked it up and pumped it up. 

The charges against the pastor were newsworthy and should have been published in one story with facts, not attacks. But newspapers today are out for blood.

San Jose Christian Perspectives Examiner, David McCaine reported on the Hanoum Suicide in his excellent article: “Were Newspapers Such as the Contra Costa Times Guilty of Bullying?”  His story included this quotable statement: “The media’s job is to be a watchdog for public welfare, not send in a group of snarling pit bulls to torrment somebody that is already down.”  Right on!  Thank you Mr. McCaine.

"Reporters Who Kill" Piece Sparks Firestorm

The Contra Costa Times based in Walnut Creek, California, went into a hissy-fit over my story that broke in the wee hours this moring titled: “Reporters That Kill: A Princess-Presbyterian Minister—Oakley Pastor. I had accepted a phone call yesterday morning from Times Reporter, Rowena Coetsee, but did so since I knew her, and trusted her. I should have remembered The Scorpion Story…“What did you expect? I AM a scorpion.”

Because I genuinely like people and expect the best from them, I am an easy target and often taken advantage of and misused. That is why President Ronald Reagan said, “Trust…but verify.”

Ms. Coetsee said she was doing a gentler version of the news regarding Pastor Jerry and wanted to ask me a couple of questions which,  in my naivete, agreed to answer, only because I have manners, but also I trusted her.

Later that evening, the upcoming story was posted on The Times Website, http://www.contracostatimes.com It should not have been surprising that she re-wrote most of what I said to fit her own story direction. “Too soon oldt and too late schmart”

I emailed her a polite request to change words that I had never said and to delete other additions that really were off track and not necessary. It was an attempt to have the changes made before the paper went to bed and published in print form.

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