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MilesTones Briefs Pulled Up: Weiner Poll Results

Is it men in general who suffer sexual abstinence anxieties (SAA)? Or does the disease especially target politicians?  The answer seems to be both. MilesTones conducted a purely irrational survey and found that 11 out of 10 men acknowledge a Weiner Problem, named for Congressman Anthony Wiener (D-NY).

Since the de-panting activitiies of the Beltway Congressman was unbuckled,  the medical profession has paid close attention to what appears to be a new strain of acute Obsessive Compulsive Disorder among politicans addicted to mating rituals which result in sexual over-drive symptoms that are, without treatment,  impossible to brake.

Since being revealed in this column, the medical profession( after intensive study), has officially re-catagorized the Weiner Problem (now published in the Diagnostic Reference Manual), as “Restless Weiner Syndrome.” (RWS)  It is a destructive disease that has fried Weiner’s political career and compromised a formerly powerful and rigid Democratic Party. See the story of the wayward congressman, “This Weiner Should Be Grilled,” at: www.revaustinmiles.com

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