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Jesus & Animals Part 10: Personality of a FLEA? Leading to THE Big Question

Any person who does not know what it is like to bond with an animal is to be pitied. Rev. Austin Miles.

We reviewed elephants in part 9. From the largest creature with personality, consider now the smallest—the FLEAS!  Yes, even fleas have a personality.

A strange cultural landmark in New York City was Hubert’s Dime Museum on W.42nd Street that operated from the 1920s to the mid to late 60s. Inside, one could see oddities of nature that would be seen in carnival side shows.

However, the BIGGEST attraction consisted of the TINIEST performers: the world famous flea circus that cost an extra 10 cents to see. Even with that hefty extra flea fee, they always played to a packed house.

Dragonfly That Revealed A Man’s Character.The circus displayed fleas walking the tight rope, juggling and balancing items like regular circus foot jugglers, feats of strength showing a flea lifting 30 times its own weight, playing hockey, riding a merry-go-round and pulling another flea in a little matchbox cart with wheels.

Yes, fleas could actually be TRAINED to perform. There would be 300 trained performing fleas ready. Fleas live for about a year. The do not begin training until they are six months old. The training lasts 3 months. They perform for three months and then….die.

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