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MilesTones Guest Jerry Newcombe Perspective on Norway Bomber

Note from Rev. Austin. Christians around the world are outraged at the New York Times, Washington Post and the Liberal Leftist news media in general for using what they know is an outright lie to attack Christianity by referring to the Norwegian Bomber as "a Christian." See my previous story, "Presstitutes Sabotage America by Misinformation" on this website or at: www.revaustinmiles.com which shows that Marxism can not succeed where there is a strong church presence.

Indeed the notion of Christian terrorism connected to the Norway bombing will not let up. In today's papers, Sunday July 31st, a feature story is titled, "The Maniac Challenge" referring to the Norway bombing where there are two mentions of The Right being responsible. One in connection with Timothy McVeigh described as "far right," and two paragraphs down, used again describing the bomber as "A Right Wing Norwegian.."

Of course, the Right, known as a term for Conservatives=Christians, is used to undermine the church and Christianity itself. It should be no surprise that this latest scribbling comes from Tim Rutten, a columnist for The Los Angeles Times, a liberal managed newspaper and a column published nation wide.

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