Slouching Lower than Gomorrah with Marijuana

So many say the decriminalization of marijuana is necessary, and the war on drugs is a failure which hasn't achieved anything. The impression that government policy on cannabis was ignorant and irrational, gave rise to 14 states allowing sick people access to marijuana. The idea caught on in California, as well as Alaska, Maine, Michigan, and Montana. In 2009, approximately 75% of Americans thought doctors should be able to prescribe cannabis. But new evidence changed things.  Even Obama made his position crystal clear by declaring cannabis use "entirely appropriate", and for physicians to prescribe cannabis if needed.  

It turns out marijuana is much more dangerous than once thought. Exacerbating that problem human nature, if not properly directed, will always go with the path of least resistance. If no laws exist to keep one from using drugs, then more and more drugs will be used. To continue to get the same high, more and more drug intake must occur. The fallacy exists that victimless self-destructive behavior is enough punishment by itself, and pot should not be regulated. Funny how that doesn't seem to wash with spouses, family, friends, relatives, neighbors, fellow workers, car drivers, bus drivers, train engineers, airplane name it.  

Beware. Do not, I repeat, do not continue reading this column if you are a pot-head; tend to get emotionally disturbed at items you read but don't like; or have smoked cannabis very, very recently.  

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The Goose That Touched The World--MilesTones

But first, the dotted lines; The Week That Was:

World Net Daily (WND) carried this headline last week: "It's Time To Stop Obama's Congressional Circus." Now wait...hold on there WND!  Stop comparing Congress with the Circus. This could give the circus a bad name!... two D.A.s in Northern California got into a slug fest in the Contra Costa County D.A.s office in Martinez during a fuss about politics. Lead Prosecuter Harold Jewett struck Assistant D.A.Paul Sequeira in the face, who had to go to the hospital for stitches under his eye, making us wonder how this case of assault will be handled and who will prosecute who?.(whom?)...maybe the judge will strike them both from the record.

Here's more sensible news from the Left Coast, A California insurer now offers Marjuana Coverage...since California has made Marijuana use legal, it seems only logical to be insured against bad weed and even worse, lack of it...and a headline from the Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad states, "Union Declares Health Care Workers Do Not Have To Provide Sex" old fossils who are home-bound, some confined to bed or wheel chairs, still have to tame the procreation instinct!  Not to worry, with the California insurance company offering Majiuana coverage, they probably offer Viagra insurance in Amsterdam...and, how's that again? As a teacher was about to leave a classroom in Trinity Christian School in Oakley, California, fellow teacher, Christine Lopez said, "When you leave, please open the door." Huh?

Marijuana Much Riskier Than Alcohol


How many have called for the decriminalization of marijuana? Supposedly it doesn't harm anyone else. Even President Obama repeatedly promised to stop federal interference with state laws that allow the medical use of marijuana. The writer is reminded of a comment by Connecticut editorialist Joe Bell saying that the legalization of drugs was reminiscent of how the subject can make otherwise solid thinkers turn into intellectual oatmeal.

So many have claimed that what one does to himself without any harm to anyone else is his business only. If you have any close relatives, if you go to school, if you work in a job that involves others, if you have a spouse and/or children, neighbors, or if you drive on roads, you directly effect others. That involves others 99.4% of the time. If you happen to be driving down the road and you become distracted or psychotic and hit me, or worse--my wife or daughter--you are an eminent hazard.

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