Historic Decision By the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Hands Natural Marriage Supporters a Huge Victory!

On Thursday, in a 2-1 decision, a judicial panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit reversed district court rulings that had struck down homosexual “marriage” bans in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Because this very important decision for supporters of natural marriage runs counter to decisions by four other appeals courts, the United States Supreme Court will undoubtedly decide in January to finally make a decision as to whether the states have the constitutional right to make laws on traditional marriage and banning homosexual “marriages.”  If the high court does take up the issue, it is expected to be the very last decision issued by the Supreme Court next June.

The judges in the majority  --  both appointed by President George W. Bush  --  were Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Sutton and Circuit Court Judge Deborah Cook.  In the 42-page decision, Judge Sutton, writing for the majority, argued that all of the circuit court judges overturning the state constitutional bans on homosexual “marriages” should not have overturned such amendments because of the Supreme Court’s ruling in 1972 which “upheld the right of the people of a state to define marriage as they see it.”

Falsehoods Can't Stop the Marriage Definition



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Same-sex unions are “not an expansion but a dismantling of the institution.”     Matthew J. Frank /  FIRST THINGS

On May 8th, primary day for North Carolina voters, Marriage Amendment 1 was voted as law. This further solidifies marriage in NC between “one woman and one man”. As an institution in place even before the Constitution, it will be highly difficult for activist judges to alter NC’s definition of marriage.

Opposition has released huge amounts of false information on the Amendment just prior to the vote. Statements about ‘Further discrimination against homosexuals’, and ‘voting for the Amendment will eliminate rights for homosexuals’ were rampant prior to the election. As a result some thought the Amendment had to be defeated to fight discrimination.

Can Marriage Be a Forgotten Art in NC?


 Bride and groom at the ruins of Sutro bath.

The political decision on marriage made in North Carolina shortly will have aftershocks throughout the nation.

The political upheaval in North Carolina will crest on May 8th. That date is for the Republican primary, and on that date NC will decide if marriage is only between one woman and one man. A relationship envisioned when marriage was originally ordained.

Gay Marriage: the End of an Institution

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Thorndike-Barnhart states [Marriage | Define Marriage at] is the legal union between man and woman. Matrimony actually applies to the spiritual or religious bond in that union. To get married, partners must be of correct age, correct sex, not incarcerated, no animals, and no multiple partners involved (in most cases).

Because 7 states (including DC) have legalized gay marriage, any further erosion of marriage is being closely watched. North Carolina continually allows domestic partnerships and civil unions, and is the only Southeastern state without a limit on alleged ‘marriages’.

Gays continually scream discrimination, and their ‘right’ to marry anyone cannot be interfered with.

Age-Old Tradition Thrown into Waste Can

In Asheville (NC) the tradition of Marriage may have just been altered beyond comprehension. Some people are screaming that they just want equal treatment. But with marriage, people are given a privilege, not a right. But many consider Asheville a bump in the road and an exception to the rule. It's been said that up to 12% of Asheville's population is gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual. Many of those cohabitate. Does that mean if they were granted the privilege to "marry" as so many other couples do (one woman and one man), all problems would disappear because they were treated equally?

On 2/22/11, the City of Asheville approved a resolution that would “allow same-sex couples to share fully and equally in the familial rights and responsibilities of civil marriage”. But what does that really mean?

An easy interpretation of the resolution is it’s legal to “marry”, or to form a recognized union, with someone of the same sex.  The resolution also included a city preference list for homosexuals. Interpretation: “The City of Asheville would be openly discriminating in favor of homosexuals in employment.” That would be making homosexuality a “civil right”. The Constitution, Declaration, or even a dictionary writer ever called homosexuality a civil right.

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