IRS Targeting Not New Says Minister

IRS Targeting Not New Says Minister

Sacramento : CA : USA | May 18, 2013 at 10:16 PM PDT
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IRS America's. Verstion of KGB


Only Government Approved Thoughts and Speech Allowed-Or Else! Guest Jerry Newcombe Comes Forth

Who would think one could be fined or even jailed simply from speaking?  No, this has nothing to do with the old laws against profanity. This is punishment for simply speaking an opinion about something, or someone, or a lifestyle with speech that is not considered, “Politically Correct.”  That term, by the way,  was coined and introduced by Adolph Hitler as he set out to subdue all people and control their lives. Thought control is an important element in raising a dictator and keeping him in power.

If an ethnic person attacks you and intends to kill you, and in the process of defending yourself, you call out something to do with his ethnic background, YOU will be the one arrested and jailed. Not the perpetrator who enjoys full protection from the government.  Because you thought negative about that person, possibly because of a past experience,  it becomes a ‘hate’ crime, that can be properly identified as, “Criminally Thinking.”

Commentary: Presstitutes Sabotage America by Misinformation

The dust had not even settled from the recent terror bombing in Norway before the presstitutes were at their keyboards disciminating propaganda to further their cause by immediately identifying the bomber, Anders Behring Breivik, as a Christian.

The ever faithful New York Times assigned scribbler Steven Erlanger (yes, scribbler NOT journalist) to put it on the front pages headlined, "Norway Charges Terror Suspect." In the second paragraph of the yarn Erlanger described Breivik as "a gun-loving highly religious Norwegian."

Then in the next paragraph The Gray Lady Presstitute quotes a source; "What we know is that he is right-wing and a Christian fundamentalist."

The entire story is peppered with references to "right-wing groups," ‘Conservative Party,' "anti-Islamic right,' and even more loaded, "This is right-wing domestic terrorism."

Sally Quinn of The Washington Post didn't do much better, proclaiming that Beivik is a Christian and insisted upon that label on the O'Reilly Factor last evening. Then somehow Timothy McVeigh was brought into the discussion who the scribblers also labeled a Christian.

Of course, the biggest obstacle to the Marxists who would take over our country is the church. They know that Christian people will not and cannot be enslaved. This creates a problem for the democratic party which advances Marxism and Communism which can only go so far with the church standing in the way.

Chicken-Fil-A Attacked by Turkeys!

We live in an angry world that demands that you agree with a political issue, even if it repels you or goes against your values, or suffer consequences and interruption of your life if you do not. It has become impossible to live a simple and peaceful life without being dragged into issues. One can no longer remain silent, neutral or even peaceful. You must enter the fray with support for that cause, or see your business and your very life sabotaged. Such is the case of a Christian business, Chick-Fil-A.

Chick-Fil-A is an American success story. Founded by Georgian entrepreneur, Truett Cathy in 1946. The family-owned chicken sandwich chain is one of the country’s biggest fast-food businesses. It employs some 50,000 workers across the country at 1,500 outlets in nearly 40 states and the District of Columbia. The company generates more than $2 billion in revenue and serves millions of happy customers with trademark southern hospitality.

Regular contributor, Rev. Ed Berkey (retired) forwarded this incredible information that just broke in a column by journalist/columnist, Michelle Malkin

Chick-Fil-A is run by devout Christians who believe in strong marriages, devoted families, and the highest standards of character for their workers, all of which are objectionable to the Socialist Marxist Democrats—a stand that nobody of my era would have ever imagined.

Guest Column On Mel Gibson Debacle

Our guest columnist, Jen Shroder is a skilled writer of total integrity who tackles the  issues affecting America today minus the whitewash, which sets her apart.. She has not shirked from printing the truth even though her courage has prompted death threats and attempts to sabotage her website. This woman of courage continues to stand firm, breaking news that the news media is either afraid to touch, or WILL not touch due to their own agenda. Her columns are published on major news sites throughout the world as well as her website,  Ms. Shroder is also a woman of God who, like this writer, wants to see this country return to her original intent and roots. 

 Mel Gibson, the noted actor-director has been very much in the news recently with shots being fired at him from all directions. Those cannons on the hillsides were aiming at him from the moment it was learned that he was producing the film, The Passion of The Christ. The astonishing attacks began before anybody even saw his film, which, by the way, was and is sensational, and true, and he has been attacked with regularity since the film's release.  So some of the accounts of his current domestic squabbles could very well be exaggerated due to the hatred of him by the Marxists in Hollywood and the media.  Jen Shroder has written (and published) the very finest take on this situation of any writer anywhere. It is with Ms. Shroder's permission that her story is published on this website and my other sites, as it appeared in

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