Leftists Try To Squelch Obama Story and Writer

It would slander the reputation of Communist party USA and their star, Barrack Hussein Obama to think that they would NOT try to squelch a writer who does his homework and exposes his blatant activities. The moment that my story broke, "What Obama Just Secretly Passed," and the incredible response that it generated, I knew that one of the first people I would hear from would be Snopes and Fact or Fiction whose self appointed job it is, to restructure all public information to their liking. And sure enough, that usual routine played out once again when Snopes appeared on the scene to try to censor my story by misrepresenting it.

Those websites uncover just enough real corrections of stories to give them the credibility to intrude into major stories that concern the protection of The United States, and restructure the story to silence it which is their true ideology.

There are two reasons for this deception. 1.) By grabbing a major story and re-writing it brings all the attention to themselves instead of the issue raised, which then sends more viewers to their websites which in turn brings more advertising revenue to them. 2.) They are counterfeits who want to destroy Christians and America itself. This is the SECOND time they have tried to censor one of my stories of Muslim Advancement in America.

Church Newscast Catching On

The debut of the Mountain View Christian Center television newscast out of Oakley, California last week (that can be seen below) was a success. Viewers have shown that they like news that has a twinkle in the tone. How one views the news can make a difference in the sanity level during the day.

The AGN-TCL Streaming News Network offers bite-size news tidbits in 10 minute segments. Viewers love it since they are short, sweet and meaningful (now we are referring to the newscasts, not the viewers--then again, maybe they are--ahh forget it!.)  Anyway, in this day and age, where everybody is running here and there, briefer and quickly-to-the-point is better. The unique newscast can be seen on both YouTube and Tangle.

The video cameraman is noted photographer Tim Vaughn who has his own studio. His son, Tim Vaughn, Jr. is the video editor. The first team to be seen is Angelia Baxter paired with this writer, which is an excellent combination with perfect interaction. The newscast will feature various newsteams to watch for. The segments are filmed in the Mountain View Christian Center Media Studio.

 The second newscast which can be seen below shows that the format works and gives viewers relevant stories and ideas that encourage everyone to get a sense of humor, and enjoy living life, even in a chaotic world. Click the link below to see it.

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The media vs Whitey

Earlier this week, scumbag extraordinaire David Patterson, whined incessantly that race has played a significant role in his negative media coverage and poor all around public standing. As if his utter incompetence and sheer buffoonery hadn't the slightest connection with his currant reality. This is just the latest attempt from a black politician to play the race card, further marginalizing the tremendous struggle and accomplishments from civil rights pioneers like Martin Luther King.

While down in Tennessee the first of several soulless animals, who happen to be black, had escaped the death penalty for the murder, rape, and torture of a young couple, who happen to be white. Letalvis Cobbins, heartless killer, no longer has to worry about being executed by the state; instead the guilty Cobbins will spend the rest of his days in jail, where he will eat, sleep in a warm bed, brag to all his cell mates about
his manly merciless kills, living off of the tax payer's dime.

To Lead Astray…Even The Elect

The Mind of Christ

To Lead Astray…Even The Elect 

Liberal Media

To say the media coverage of the Republican candidates is unfair, equates to calling the housing crisis a bit disturbing. I am not sure which is more appalling, the blatantly biased media, or the people who believe it. Modern journalism is the most dangerous medium on Earth, anybody who argues that, just might be a fool. Time and time again the media can be counted on to down play conservative achievements and kneel to the alter of liberalism. What if their new
empty suit, Barack Obama, was a conservative?

When Barack Obama referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person the gutless American media timidly raised it's head, then quickly inserted it back to the bottom of McCain's trash barrell shlepping for dirt. If Obama had been a conservative, journalist would march out of the wood work, interviewing everyone from his kindergarten classmates to his poor old grandmother.

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Why believe everything?

No doubt the news media is a poor tool for seeking the best
information on any subject. A mistake commonly made, and to the media's
advantage, is the assumption on the part of the viewer that the viewer
is getting a balanced story. This usually couldn't be further from the

If you are upset with the recent polls referenced by the
media then you are letting yourself get upset with one poll from one
media source. Is it correct? Does it represent the American people? Is
it valid, reliable, and balanced? Chances are probably not. Please
don't make the mistake of assuming, like most, that what you see or
hear is reality. What we really are seeing is the news corporation's
efforts to make things reality by advertising them to you.

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