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"The Serpentine Wall" Outs Separation Myth

"The Serpentine Wall" Outs Separation Myth

Edison : NJ : USA | Jun 16, 2013 at 11:33 PM PDT
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Waterboarding With Words to Squelch Christians

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by Rev. Austin Miles

National Unity After 9-11 Shattered by One man

An almost eerie feeling of unity swept across America in the aftermath of 9-11. Churches kept their doors open so people could come in at any hour to pray. The nation was back on its knees, reaching out to God, whom they had become careless with over the years.

Prayer services took place in The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Yankee Stadium in New York City hosted full capacity attendence for theirs, and churches throughout America were filled on Sunday mornings and mid-week services.

We began to re-think who we were ordained to be when the original roots of America were planted in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence based on our relationship with God and His Word.

After 9-11, Americans were united in collective outrage and determination to never let this happen again. A woman named, Evelyn Smith said to a newspaper; “The good thing that came out of 9-11 is that all of a sudden, it was OK to pray.” Yes it was.

We began to celebrate renewed strength and good that God lifted out of all of us, to infuse our patriotism with prayer, reconcile ourselves to God and ask for His Hand to again be placed on America.

It was the solid prayer and embracing of God that soothed a grieving nation during the worst time of its history. It was so strong that the atheists did not dare say anything….that is… except one.

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