Remembering 9/11

 September 11, 2001...the day that the world stood still. I will never forget and I will never stand down from my fight to end this Afghan War and a lie of why we was attacked in first place.
 I hated and blamed all Muslims for this attack, so I set my hand to work to end this War and destroy my enemy. I must of been a fool to trust in this Government. All this crap they shoved down our throats that our enemy did this because they want us to die as a people so that they can bring forward their people to have this earth, and we are to die.

Featured Legislator: Senator Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham speaks to the Christian Coalition on the need for maintaining a strong national defense as we look for ways to more efficiently manage our national military budget.

What Caused Sgt. Robert Bales to Snap?

This has been the most blaring case of military personnel meltdown since the My Lai Massacre on March 16, 1968 when Lt. William Calley, an American soldier in South Viet Nam snapped and opened fire on unarmed civilians, killing 347-504. The remorseful man regretted this for the rest of his life.

Obama Abusing U.S. Navy Yet Again

This writer, a former Navy enlisted man, West Point graduate, and Vietnam War veteran, wrote on Christian Coalition of America’s website on May 31, 2011, that “Obama Dishonors Navy Ship-naming.”  It is hard to believe that after the uproar one year ago, Barack Obama is yet again using Navy ship-naming to help him in his reelection campaign.  Obama’s and his lapdog Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ disrespect for the United States military apparently know no bounds.

Last week, “the Washington Times” had an editorial entitled “Obama hijacks the Navy; Administration’s ship-naming grows overtly political.”  That editorial follows a “Times” editorial on December 7, 2011  -- the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack  --  entitled “The USS Karl Marx, Leftists run wild politicizing Navy ship names.”

The ever-increasing politically-correct Navy actually named a ship for a radical union leader named Cesar Chavez, Democrat from California, a leading socialist in America’s union ranks.  Then a ship was named for the civil rights activist, Medgar Evers, Democrat from Mississippi.

One of the most egregious ship-naming fiascos by Barack Obama’s administration was a ship named for the thoroughly disgraced Congressman, John P. Murtha, Democrat from Pennsylvania, who was being investigated by the FBI for possible ethics violations.  Congressional watchdog groups accused Murtha of directing appropriations towards organizations connected with the late Congressman.

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Incredible Veteran's Day!

November 11, 2010

I just returned from a Veteran's Day parade, one of the many throughout the United States. This one was held in Antioch, California, a river front town in the northern part of the state. What a joy to see hundreds of patriotic Americans lining the sidewalks cheering on the veterans and military units traversing the main street of town, along with some of the newly elected politicians put into office by revolutionary voters in the most energized election in recent political history.

Contrasting Memorial Day Stories -Plus Video

Memorial Day is too often a day of picnics, beer, trips and family get-togethers, which is all well and good, except for the fact that the entire meaning and purpose of this day has seemingly been overlooked if not forgotten altogether. How could we miss this point?...that this is a day set aside to formally thank those who served our country and gave us our freedom at great sacrifice to themselves. America is now being damned instead of praised, led by the man who occupies the Oval Office who travels the world apologizing for the arrogance of America in protecting her shores.

This veteran Praises God for The United States of America...and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. Yes, UNDER GOD, whether Michael Newdow, the atheists, humanists and the United States Communist Party (USCP) like it or not.

This country was founded 'under God.' And as we kept Him at the forefront of our lives, America rapidly became the most successful democracy the world had ever seen, with the strongest army in the world, and healthy economy, all accomplished in so little time. We were a law abiding country and could walk the streets safely. Yes, we were a country under God. And we were never attacked by a foreign entity on our soil.

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