BREAKING! Verdict in for Rev. Austin Miles

Coincidence or Miracle?

DANVILLE, California 8/13/13. It has been an agonizingly tough week waiting for the jury's decision. The evidence concerning me is solid and would be difficult to refute since the witnesses, as a panel, determined the accuracy of the facts. I was facing the death penalty unless there was a reverse in the evidence.

FIRST-SOME BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Few people know of the medical issues this writer has endured since being exposed to Mustard Gas while in military service. That gas is deadly. It ravages the organs of the body, in this case, the lungs, the heart and the intestines. Prostate cancer was a direct result of the mustard gas. I was also left with severe heart problems, as well as the effects of a stroke during which I actually crossed over and was revived.

The Ultimate Resume' For All Time

The Ultimate Resume' For All Time

San Francisco : CA : USA | Apr 09, 2013 at 12:37 PM PDT
Image by Heinrich Hofman
Jesus Seeks Entrance

by Rev. Austin Miles

Amazing Love Story In Face of Death Unfolds in Oakley School

One of the first individuals to be encountered when coming to Trinity Christian School in Oakley is School Administration Assistant, Dee Halog. The attractive young woman behind the Reception Area desk possesses a compelling friendly face. Her name wasn't always Halog. She was formerly Dee Strongren.

 Nearby, one might notice a young man doing various duties, whose distinctive continental (yes exotic) look was moulded from his mixed Filipino and Japanese heritage which, mind you, is becoming. Sean Halog stands out even though his is a quiet presence. Whoever sees them at their work have no idea of the phenomenon of their lives underneath the surface, which is true of most people.

The Cat That Started A Revival!


Revival begins in the heart of a church. From there, God may employ mysterious ways to have it ignite.** Here is a purrfect example:

The revival was to start in a decaying Neighborhood in Staten Island, New York. The pastor had talked to this evangelist during a sectional minister's conference. A revival was needed at his church but the church couldn't afford the expenses involved since they had only a handful of diehards who still attended.

Since I lived in the Bureau of Queens, it would take only a subway ride, then a ferry boat to and from Staten Island, so no living expenses would be necessary. The church would have no financial demands to meet, which met their budget perfectly.

We started on a Sunday morning, with a lot of free newspaper notices and publicity heralding the revival. After the Sunday morning service, the only response was from a little old woman with a sad face who said to me, "Young man, you talked so fast I couldn't understand one word you were saying!"

Off to a great start, the same handful of worshipers gathered...no more...no less for the night service. Monday night was the same. After the Tuesday night service, I asked the pastor to walk around the outside of the church with me to pray and claim victory.

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