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Peace, Love, and Nuclear Bombs

Barack Obama's disdain for the country our founders created is evident, and it should scare the hell out of you. Barack Obama is successfully undermining the security and well being of this nation, and this should scare the hell out of you. It is not merely enough for the Obama administration to castrate the ideology of capitalism, which has fortified this countries existence for over 200 years, but they are sabotaging our defenses.

Whether you are a liberal, anti-war moonbat, or just simply stupid, you must agree that the world is an unforgiving place. This Earth is dictated by power and force, so no matter how enlightened or savvy you think you might be, understand this; If not for America's military might and it's fiercely efficient war machine our adversaries would crush us.

North Korea--Missile Defense--The Perfect Opportunity

The Yomiuri Daily, Japan's most popular paper, reported that North Korea [N. Korea Missile Hawaii] intends to launch a Taepodong-2 missile towards Hawaii sometime between 6/4 and 6/8. Even though the Taepodong-2's range is supposedly 2000 miles, and Hawaii's main islands are almost 4500 miles away, a launch would send a chilling message.

The opportunity to have the shot heard "round the world" presents itself. This shot is not the sound of the Taepodong-2 launching, but the collision, and destroying, of the North Korean missile by a US missile defense launch.

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