Pastor Plays Hardball With Qu'ran: Jerry Newcombe Steps Up To The Keyboard

Rev. Terry Jones is a gift that keeps on giving. He publicly burned a Koran recently which resulted in riots in the Middle East. Jones next plans something that will gain him even more notoriety. He plans to conduct a ‘trial’ of Mohammed. If the Founder of Islam is found “guilty,” the sentence will be to burn Mohammed in effigy.  Jerry Newcombe, an author, film producer and popular Florida radio host steps up to the keyboard as a guest commentator on a hot issue.

A Christian Response to the Koran-Burning
By Jerry Newcombe

Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville has garnered sensational headlines again. This is the Florida pastor who threatened to burn the Koran on 9/11 last yearAbout a week ago or so, he carried out his threat.  He videotaped the deliberate burning of a book that is sacred to millions of Muslims. And now there’s rioting in the streets of Afghanistan over this. Protesting Muslims have even beheaded some innocent Westerners, reportedly to protest this Koran-burning.

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