Morning After Pill

Obama to allow abortion pill for girls as young as seventeen

In yet another political move by the most partisan administration in American history  --  which ironically is headed by a president who promised in last year's campaign that he would be "an uniter, not a divider"  --  the Obama administration is now allowing the abortion pill to be available to girls as young as age 17.  

Today's "The Washington Times" reported that Obama's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced yesterday that the so-called "morning-after" birth-control pill, which is also called the abortion pill, will now be available to teenage girls as young as 17 without a prescription.  The FDA said that it would not appeal a federal court order which overturned President George W. Bush's policy of not providing such drugs to girls as young as 17.   

Incredibly, federal judge Edward Korman, last month accused the Bush administration in his decision of allowing politics, not science, to influence the administration's decision not to allow 17 year-old girls from getting the "morning after" pill.  Ironically, Barack Obama is allowing the billion dollar abortion industry and its supporters to drive his decision to allow 17 year-old girls to buy such abortifacient pills without a doctor's prescription (and of course without the knowledge of their parents.)   

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