Anti-Semitism: Out of hibernation and traveling at warp speed

After a hiatus of relative calm, anti-Semitism has been accelerating at an alarming pace across the globe. Its most ominous surge is in Europe, Australia and North America—those traditional bastions of equal rights. All is not quiet on the Western front. Global anti-Semitism rose 30 percent in 2013 and 40 percent in 2014; in Europe, it increased sevenfold from the 1990s to the 2000s. "These are the worst times since the Nazi era," German Jewish leader Dieter Graumann told The Guardian. “It's pure hatred against Jews, nothing else.” Last year, anti-Semitism exploded exponentially, prompting U.S. Jewish leader Malcolm Hoenlein to warn of a “pandemic in formation.”

Obama Welcomes You to a Death Camp for Down Syndrome

Trisomy (technical term), or Down Syndrome (widely known), comes in many forms. The most common are Trisomy 13, 18, and 21. German technology in 1934 dictated only the strong should live. Right now, over 90% of those with Down Syndrome are aborted/killed. Over 99% of adults with Down say they are happy with their lives, but vast amounts are killed because their care is deemed too much of a bother for their parents.

We know Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21), has an abortion rate of about 90%. Trisomy 13 &18 are aborted at a much higher frequency because their likelihood of death soon after birth is much higher.

Socialism no Longer on the Frontier

Many refuse to believe Socialism is as close to America, something it was not founded on, as it is. We may start to see socialism initiated by the election this fall. The ominous harbinger—the outgoing of Senator Christopher Dodd (D/Ct).


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