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Dems Welcome Muslims, Prohibit Christian Hospitality in Charlotte!


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Dems Welcome Muslims, Prohibit Christian Hospitality in Charlotte!


Jesus & Animals Part 10: Personality of a FLEA? Leading to THE Big Question

Any person who does not know what it is like to bond with an animal is to be pitied. Rev. Austin Miles.

We reviewed elephants in part 9. From the largest creature with personality, consider now the smallest—the FLEAS!  Yes, even fleas have a personality.

A strange cultural landmark in New York City was Hubert’s Dime Museum on W.42nd Street that operated from the 1920s to the mid to late 60s. Inside, one could see oddities of nature that would be seen in carnival side shows.

However, the BIGGEST attraction consisted of the TINIEST performers: the world famous flea circus that cost an extra 10 cents to see. Even with that hefty extra flea fee, they always played to a packed house.

Dragonfly That Revealed A Man’s Character.The circus displayed fleas walking the tight rope, juggling and balancing items like regular circus foot jugglers, feats of strength showing a flea lifting 30 times its own weight, playing hockey, riding a merry-go-round and pulling another flea in a little matchbox cart with wheels.

Yes, fleas could actually be TRAINED to perform. There would be 300 trained performing fleas ready. Fleas live for about a year. The do not begin training until they are six months old. The training lasts 3 months. They perform for three months and then….die.

Little Known Significance of Flag Folding Ceremony Revealed

Under the direction of Lt. Colonel Timothy Vaughn, Commander of The Army Cadets of California, a 10th Anniversary Observance of the 9-11 Attacks on America was held last Sunday at Crockett Park in Oakley, California with a military folding-of-the-flag ceremoney.

The flag was presented to an individual who accepted it on behalf of all Americans who were affected by the cowardly surprise Muslim attacks on unarmed civilians in New York City, Washington, D.C. and an intended one that ended in a field in Pennsylvania after the Muslims were overpowered by passengers on Flight 93 airmed at hitting either The White House or The Capitol Building in D.C.. That plane crashed in a field..Everyone on board were killed. Had it not been for the heroic actions of the passengers, that death toll would have been much higher.

This ceremony in Oakley was one of the only flag folding ceremonies that explained what each fold meant. Following that beautiful ceremony a man stated that he had two such flags that were presented to him, but this was the first time that he learned what the 13 folds meant.  For that reason, we are sharing this with our readers.

Missing Factor in 9-11 Memorials-Guest Jerry Newcombe Weighs In

The Memorials of 9-11 were varied, stirring, and in one case disturbing as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg slammed the door on Christian clergy who should have been present, prayers being offered and even in the face of first responders who rushed in to save lives after the Muslim attacks. These heroes were excluded from the ceremonies. Why Mr. Mayor? 

Then there is this puzzle: With all the observances of the 10th anniversary of 9-11, WHY was a specific element regarding the horrific savagery of that day conspicuously absent?  Guest Radio Host Commentator Jerry Newcombe takes it on accurately as he steps up to the keyboard:

What Was Left Out of the 9/11 Memorials?
By Jerry Newcombe   9/13/11

Now that the dust has settled from the memorials commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we can see what was included and what was excluded.

I was pleased that the president read Scripture (from Psalm 46).

I was displeased that the mayor of New York City chose not to invite any Christian clergyman to participate, as this would supposedly violate the separation of church and state.

Never mind that the founders of this country—-by their words and by their actions—-showed over and over again that they intended religion (by which they meant Christianity in its various stripes) to flourish, even in the public arena, on a voluntary basis.

National Unity After 9-11 Shattered by One man

An almost eerie feeling of unity swept across America in the aftermath of 9-11. Churches kept their doors open so people could come in at any hour to pray. The nation was back on its knees, reaching out to God, whom they had become careless with over the years.

Prayer services took place in The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Yankee Stadium in New York City hosted full capacity attendence for theirs, and churches throughout America were filled on Sunday mornings and mid-week services.

We began to re-think who we were ordained to be when the original roots of America were planted in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence based on our relationship with God and His Word.

After 9-11, Americans were united in collective outrage and determination to never let this happen again. A woman named, Evelyn Smith said to a newspaper; “The good thing that came out of 9-11 is that all of a sudden, it was OK to pray.” Yes it was.

We began to celebrate renewed strength and good that God lifted out of all of us, to infuse our patriotism with prayer, reconcile ourselves to God and ask for His Hand to again be placed on America.

It was the solid prayer and embracing of God that soothed a grieving nation during the worst time of its history. It was so strong that the atheists did not dare say anything….that is… except one.

Must Christians Forgive Muslims for 9-11 Attacks? Special 9-11 Feature

When the attacks first happened, it unleashed in all of us every emotion known…anger…rage…a sense of helplessnes…loss…fear…and a passion for revenge. Every emotion that could be explained was present that day and still remains.

Then a word came to mind; Forgiveness. Can we really forgive those who caused such horrific deaths of innocent people? As I struggled with this idea, I had to ask what Jesus would do…and what the Bible says.

I do know that we are instructed to love all. Can we get past the bitter feelings of the attack to love them enough for them to realize that they have been deceived by their religious leaders?

Do we love them enough to talk to them about God and the truth?

Can we show enough love to desire their salvation? THAT is what my own particular role must be.

As for forgiveness, that means releasing those feelings of anger from ourselves and putting it all into God’s hands. Harboring bitter feelings will only hurt us and our health if we allow that stress to become a part of us.

We must move past that. Also, we must have a wisdom to deal firmly with those who would harm us or try to destroy us by severely stopping them.

The Bible does not require that we just lie down and let our enemies do to us what they will. It DOES require that we LOVE our enemies enough to want to see their salvation and spared from hell.

Did Bible Predict 9-11 Attacks? Rev. Austin Miles Says Yes

Psalm 57 says: "Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me; for my soul trusteth in thee; yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast. I will cry unto God most high unto God that performeth all things for me. He shall send from heaven, and save me from the reproach of him that would swallow me up. Selah. God shall send forth his mercy and his truth."

This protection is for those who follow Him actively by paying Him honor and by living according to His precepts and obeying His Word.

The Bible is our roadmap for life. In it we receive instructions for the righteousness that is pleasing to God. We are taught how to be victorious in times of seeming defeat, how to become a better person, which we should all strive to be, and how to have peace in a chaotic world of violence. And God's Word, if carefully studied, will prepare us for unexpected things coming in the future, known as, prophecies, so that we can look to Him and triumph.

God knows everything, present, past and what is to be. EVERYTHING. And He saw and communicated through His Word that the 9-11 attacks would happen. He described it in The Bible showing He knows all that will happen and shows us that He is in control, to comfort us. AND He knows (sadly) that we will depart from Him. And America has done just that to her peril.

It is all there. Open your Bible and read along with me. All highlights and italics below are mine to emphasize certain points.

Dumbest Statements in D.C. History--NYCs Bloomberg Axes Christian Prayer from 9/11 Memorial

Commentary Feature  

The occupant of The White House in his State of The Union Address regarding the economy famously said, "We will reduce The National Debt by raising the debt ceiling." (?) Yep, the way to reduce debt is to borrow some more. And The One utters this kind of stupidity with a straight face. Then there is this regarding the high price of gasoline:

The tax on gasoline is set to expire and Obama has said that he will extend the tax on gas and raise it. He has made it clear that he WANTS gas prices to be even higher. Then, according to Fox News, He saith, "Gas will soon go up to seven dollars a gallon which will be good since people will drive less because of the cost of gasoline which will be good for the economy and energy problem." How's that again??

The problem with the Usurper in The White House is NOT due to affirmative action or a job training program gone haywire, nor incompetence. Obama is not dumb or incompetent. He knows exactly what he is doing and precisely what his Communist Party USA (CPUSA) handlers and Czars are ordering him to do. And he is carrying out his assignment well, as Americans sit numbly and just watch instead of bombarding every office in D.C. demanding that he be immediately removed from the office he illegally occupies before it is too late to save America.

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