In an Attempt to Prevent a Gun Registry NRA & ACLU Team Up to Battle NSA

In an Attempt to Prevent a Gun Registry NRA & ACLU Team Up to Battle NSA

Shootout at CP Corral--Atheists Outed

Photo by Tim Vaughn Studios,Brentwood,California

by Rev. Austin Miles

To glean the responses to the stories in Christian Post is to psychologically imprint a distinct image that CP is a news site of interest only to atheists, communists, gay rights advocates and Obama-backing Democrats. They are the ones who respond while the Christians seem to be missing in action.

Christians are afraid to stand up with a writer defending the faith since that might result in them being criticized as well. Can't take a chance with that y'know.

Stories about God and His miraculous work automatically provoke a meteor shower of attacks including character assassination. Particular panic burned the keyboards as the Christmas stories began to appear.

The bulldozing responses to each one by this writer have consisted of such noisy nuances, loud clattering and explosive rhetoric that I could barely hear the choirs on the radio singing, "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men."

The letters are vicious, abusive, and insulting. So much so that as one editor told me, many of the writers cannot take the attacks and stop writing for the site. Sad.

Drug Testing To Buy Guns vs. The Reapers

Drug Testing To Buy Guns vs. The Reapers

I just got back from the NRA, and I will share the same to you as I did with them.

 The Following below is a FBI Report of gun crimes in America.

 Gun Rights vs. Crime In America

 The Reapers / a F.A.S.C. Concepts , byMassingale News release

December 26,2011

I offer a legal help, a option, to Drug Test People before they buy a Gun. The new testing of the swab to the mouth is pain less and on the money for stopping gun crimes, by junkies.
 You see Guns and Drugs, a issue our Government Covers up because of the sale of Oxy Heroin. I have labeled these heroin users as, "The Reapers / byMassingale", a Internet catch. Some of the most terrible crimes committed by heroin users as this drug molds people into that of which they are not.
 My Name is Henry Massingale Founder and Director of the International Boycott Of The Arabic Drug Empire.
 As most people do not know, 75% of the gun crimes are committed by drug offenders.
 So bring this into the fight for the NRA and the world will look at you all different.

  Data summary

Gun crime in the US, 2010

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