Nude Sledding

MilesTones Saturday Night Special Feature--Naked Sled Contest--Boozing Bishop-Politics..More...

On this day in 1801, The District of Columbia was placed under the jurisdiction of Congress. So THAT'S why that city is so messed up...a recent headline in a London Newspaper (The Guardian) advised: "Americans Stocking Up For End Of World." (?) If the end of the world is really coming, what's the point of stocking up things? And Atheists have offered to take care of family dogs when the Rapture occurs (we kid you not). However, the atheists are wrong on a lot of counts. Little dogs DO go to heaven which my coming book will prove. And then there is this.....

Obama has announced that he is taking charge of the Great Lakes, stating," We will have zero tolerance toward future invasions by foreign species such as Asian Carp, a huge ravenous fish that has overrun portions of the Mississippi River system and is spreading to places like The Great lakes."

The One then spoke tough stating that "I am holding federal agencies accountable for the plan. We are committed to creating a new standard of care that will leave the Great Lakes better for the next generation." If only he would apply this logic to our border security. Not to worry. The Libs are asking us to "just give Obama time". We thoroughly agree and think 25 to life would be appropriate.


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