BREAKING NEWS! What Obama Just Secretly Passed!


In another stealth move this week, Obama secretly passed HB 1388, meaning that $20,000,000—that’s $20 MILLION of OUR tax dollars to move Hamas, a terrorist organization to the United States and giving them housing, food and money.

Yes, Something quietly happened this week… H.R. 1388 was passed, behind our backs!  It wasn’ t mentioned on the news, but this was reportedly seen in the ticker tape at the bottom of the CNN screen; “Obama funds $20 MILLION in taxpayer dollars, to immigrate Hamas members to the USA.”  THIS is the news that didn’t make the headlines..it was deliberately kept from us..

By executive order, President Barack Obama has ordered the expenditure of $20.3 Million in “migration assistance” to the Palestinians in Gaza, the ones who just tried to bomb Times Square..The “presidential determination,” which allows Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States, was signed and appears in the Federal Register.

Nuttiest News of The Day--Plus Video

by Rev. Austin Miles

Last week i did a funeral for a German family who had found themselves behind The Iron Curtain under communist rule when the wall divided East Germany from West Germany. The mother of that family starved to death during that time due to lack of available food. They shared with me the horrors of living under Marxist-Communist-Socialist rule, the very rule that Obama offers us for the future as we forcibly "share" our wealth with non-productive people.

The big 'change' he offers is equal opportunity to live in poverty. His thoughts mirror those of the Russian Socialist Movement, a form of Hegelianism, championed by such men as Belinsky in the 1840s who claimed that "People are so stupid that they must be dragged to happiness by force."  The nuttiness is that America is allowing obama to drag us further along that path.

More Nutty News of The Day: A mosque is going up in New York City at the site of Ground Zero where Muslims hijacked airplanes to crash into the World Trades Building and kill 3000 people. Yes, a mosque! Which will be 13 stories.  According to One News Now Edward "Ro" Sheffe, the chairman of the financial district committee for Community Board 1, said the 15 members passed a resolution of support for the project. What? These brain-washed knuckleheads approved this?

Progressive Lies & Liberal Zombies

Progressive lies and Liberal Zombies


Poor unwitting democrats, they voted for Barack Obama because they were for the most part inundated with mistrust for Bush, by an unrelenting biased media. Now woken from their slumber, they are joining republicans and independents in these tea party affairs. They are afraid too! Why not, they are of sound mind. They see this gargantuan government mortgaging the futures of our children. They are also in tune to the fact that this government has imposed its tyranny against the will of the people and maybe for the first time they are feeling what common sense patriots have been feeling all along, government kills!

Although I am not a democrat, I must confess my respect and enthusiasm for the modest percentage of them that has decided to put principle in front of party, is authentic. Most democrats believe that the government is responsible for educating the US citizenry as well as providing healthcare, employment, financial assistance, and other creature comforts. I believe that people can hold this belief and still be of sound mind and even pro American, I don't believe we should label these people as socialist, although our founder's would certainly disagree.

Worth Reading Will NOT Be Censored!

Worth Reading Will NOT Be Censored!

Many writers are now feeling the pressure of attempts to sabotage and censor news stories critical of Obama. I can name web news organizations that have been warned against publishing anything agianst The Anointed One under threat of having their search engines shut down, which would silence the news source.

It happened to this writer, under the sabotage category. I recently wrote a commentary titled, "Why Obama Must NOT Be A One-Term President," with the observation that he should not be ‘president' in the first place and that he should be put out of office before his term ends, before he destroys America which is obviously his goal..

The releases were blocked from going to the news sources. After two days with no publication or response from anyone, I contacted the editor of Worth Reading, who confirmed that he had never received the release. Others told me the same. I disguised the header in the second email-releases. Still, nobody would publish it under fear that they would be shut down.

That is EXCEPT for Worth Reading. Alain, the editor advised how to get a story directly to his site and it was immediately published. In the meantime, my computer went haywire, I couldn't publish anything on my website (I was locked out) and we had to redo the search engines.

"We Did It!" Communist Party Newspaper on Healthcare

The People's World is a direct descendant of the old Communist newspaper, the Daily Worker, first issue published by Long View Publishing Co.in1924. Like The Daily Worker, People's World states that they, "are unashamebly Communist." They acknowlege their affiliation with the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the Young Communist League. When Obamacare was rammed through, the People's World proclaimed, "We did it! Yesterday's historic vote on health reform sets the stage for future victories."  Catch that? WE (The Communist Party) did it!...and sets the stage for future victories, which means of course, Marxism for America.

People's World with the mission statement, "People Before Profit," clearly verifies their affiliation with Marxism and Socialism. One story tells of the Communist Party affiliation with labor unions, with the headline; "Labor Mobilizes Votes for Health Care Bill. That story opens with this:  "Leaders of 3 million-member unions weighed in to drum up support for the legislation, while other unions were part of a joint effort for the cause."

It was also stated that the unions fought for 60 years for this moment, calling it "A landmark legislation." We were informed that millions of dollars in advertising, thousands of e-mails and phone calls including personal calls by the president (Obama) and demonstrations demanding the bill be passed, payed off.

The Goose That Touched The World--MilesTones

But first, the dotted lines; The Week That Was:

World Net Daily (WND) carried this headline last week: "It's Time To Stop Obama's Congressional Circus." Now wait...hold on there WND!  Stop comparing Congress with the Circus. This could give the circus a bad name!... two D.A.s in Northern California got into a slug fest in the Contra Costa County D.A.s office in Martinez during a fuss about politics. Lead Prosecuter Harold Jewett struck Assistant D.A.Paul Sequeira in the face, who had to go to the hospital for stitches under his eye, making us wonder how this case of assault will be handled and who will prosecute who?.(whom?)...maybe the judge will strike them both from the record.

Here's more sensible news from the Left Coast, A California insurer now offers Marjuana Coverage...since California has made Marijuana use legal, it seems only logical to be insured against bad weed and even worse, lack of it...and a headline from the Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad states, "Union Declares Health Care Workers Do Not Have To Provide Sex"...so old fossils who are home-bound, some confined to bed or wheel chairs, still have to tame the procreation instinct!  Not to worry, with the California insurance company offering Majiuana coverage, they probably offer Viagra insurance in Amsterdam...and, how's that again? As a teacher was about to leave a classroom in Trinity Christian School in Oakley, California, fellow teacher, Christine Lopez said, "When you leave, please open the door." Huh?

MilesTones Saturday Night Special Feature--Naked Sled Contest--Boozing Bishop-Politics..More...

On this day in 1801, The District of Columbia was placed under the jurisdiction of Congress. So THAT'S why that city is so messed up...a recent headline in a London Newspaper (The Guardian) advised: "Americans Stocking Up For End Of World." (?) If the end of the world is really coming, what's the point of stocking up things? And Atheists have offered to take care of family dogs when the Rapture occurs (we kid you not). However, the atheists are wrong on a lot of counts. Little dogs DO go to heaven which my coming book will prove. And then there is this.....

Obama has announced that he is taking charge of the Great Lakes, stating," We will have zero tolerance toward future invasions by foreign species such as Asian Carp, a huge ravenous fish that has overrun portions of the Mississippi River system and is spreading to places like The Great lakes."

The One then spoke tough stating that "I am holding federal agencies accountable for the plan. We are committed to creating a new standard of care that will leave the Great Lakes better for the next generation." If only he would apply this logic to our border security. Not to worry. The Libs are asking us to "just give Obama time". We thoroughly agree and think 25 to life would be appropriate.


Obama Cranking Up the Re-Election Machine?

It certainly looks like the folks in the White House are beginning to put Obama's re-election machinery into high gear.  According to Politico, Obama's top hands are laying the groundwork for the 2012 campaign.

Of course, it's not unusual or even unexpected for a president to begin to make high profile preparations for a re-election campaign.  It would be more surprising if he didn't.  But what is surprising is how soon into his term that they've begun to make those moves.  Usually this sort of thing doesn't happen until after the mid-term elections are over.  But given how bad things look for Democrats lately, it doesn't look like they want to wait and take any chances.

And we're sure this story indicating that the younger demographic is beginning to slip away gives the president cause for concern.  Especially when you consider that the greatest percentage of support for Barack Obama in his 2008 election came from young adults:

A year after supporting Barack Obama for president by an overwhelming 2-to-1 ratio, young adults are cooling quickly toward his Democrats amid dissatisfaction over the lack of change in Washington and an escalating war in Afghanistan.

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MilesTones Saturday Night Special!

The last Saturday Night Special told of California Atheists who have shelled out thousands of dollars to put up billboard signs in ten locations in Sacramento with the message: "Are you good without God? Millions are." And that's NOT the end of that story. Each sign costs $6,450 a month. Multiply that by 10 and you have a good chunk of change. According to Bill Lindelof of the Sacramento Bee, this is part of a nationwide campaign that began last year and has spread to more than a dozen cities, including Baltimore, Boston, Cincinnati and New York. Then, vandalism struck!

Well, there may be times when vandalism can be legally justified if it can result in saving a soul. At least that is how the Libs would argue the case if they were involved with the event.

Under cover of darkness, someone climbed up the sign in Sacramento and spray-painted TWO WORDS which amplified the real meaning of their message, which now reads: "Are you good without God?  Millions are..also lost."  A big AMEN to that. Right on!

Tidbits Dept: It was bound to happen. Tiger Woods found a new sex partner in the Sexual Addiction Rehab Clinic, according to National Enquirer and verified by others. Is this why China has declared their new year, Year Of The Tiger?

The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), a rooming facility and gym, have officially closed the door to sex offenders wanting to check in there. It's about time. Years ago the YMCA was known as, Young Men Carefully Assaulted.

MilesTones Saturday Night Special-Where Are Famed Hens?

The recent Prayer Breakfast in D.C. for the first time became a political event as Obama told why gays should be able to serve openly in the military. The setting, a prayer breakfast to honor God, was the wrong place to proclaim such ideas. Even a touch of class would have dictated propriety at that event. The One also said that he prays for our nation, which is about as sincere as an undertaker trying to look sad at a $10,000 funeral.  

Celebrity Chickens Flew The Coop?  Henny and Penny, the world famous hens are nowhere to be found!  An alert has quietly gone out. We do know that the hens were visibly upset by the ruling against them at the recent Brentwood City Council. They were particulaly distressed by a news article that referred to them as "illegal hens."   The newly formed, Chicken Wire News Service has reported that the hens have been sprinted away to an undisclosed location and their names have been changed.

We are told by a trusted source that they are trying to live anonymously so as not to bring attention to themselves until this all blows over. We wonder if they dyed and restyled their feathers?  MilesTones is attempting to contact the hen's former keeper, Kimberly Kennedy for a statement. Watch this website for updates.  

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