Obama doesn't know his Reagan history

As the heat continued to rise in negotiations over whether (and/or how much) to increase our national debt limit, President Obama tried to scold Republicans into being more cooperative by suggesting that they needed to act more like Reagan and be willing to compromise.

"Ronald Reagan repeatedly took steps that included revenue, in order for him to accomplish some of these larger goals," Obama told CBS in an interview.  "And the question is if Ronald Reagan could compromise -- why wouldn't folks who idolize Ronald Reagan be willing to engage in those same kinds of compromises."

Of course, as you can imagine, Obama is clearly (and intentionally) misleading in how he characterizes Reagan, and what he would have done.  And the article doesn't do much better.  It goes on to report:

He (Reagan) was known for adopting aggressive tax cuts, but amid a burgeoning deficit agreed to several measures designed to raise revenue for government coffers such as closing loopholes and cutting tax breaks.

In a parallel with today's drama being played out between Democrat Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner, Reagan forged a budget with Democratic speaker Tip O'Neill despite their political and ideological differences.

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MilesTones: Sarah's Emails, Military Treatment, Holocaust Denial, and More

We are exercising extreme discipline and restraint today. This means that the Anthony Weiner Roast is over. Finished. Kapoot! Besides, we should not poke fun at Weiner until we have walked a mile in his pants, which is difficult when they are around the ankles. AHHHHH! No more! Enough already! Moving right along....

SUDDEN THAWT DEPT. (with thanks to the late Robert Sylvester of The New York Daily News) Why are the politicians spending so much time with a fine tooth comb—combing every word in the 24,000 Sarah Palin emails coming and going when she was Governor of Alaska, determined to find a flaw in her character, while brushing off any of Obama’s emails, college records, transcripts and proof of citizenship by birth to verify his legitimacy to occupy The Oval Office? Just wondering.

Thinking of Obama, here is his response when he backed down from his just hatched plan to require that military personnel pay for the treatment of their war injuries. (!) This righfully resulted in bad press including major mockery of the executive directive, by comedian Jon Stewart, which led to Obama abandoning his proposal to require veterans to carry private health insurance to cover the estimated $540 billion annual cost to the federal government for treatment for injuries that military personnel received during their tours on active duty. The President mumbled that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal.  Really?

Press Fails to Tip Off Osama Bin Laden--Mission Successful!

The dramatic death of Osama Bin Laden, announced yesterday, provoked a myriad of responses. But the most profound of all was a sense of bi-partisn unity for the first time since 9-11. At that time America with all its diverse opinions came together in collective outrage against those who attacked us on our shores, killing thousands of innocent people, without provocation.

The horrendous sneak attack, directed by Osama Bin Laden, was killing for the sake of killing and showing power to possibly cower this nation into a surrender to Islam. The nation stood together for the first time in decades which gave the United States new strength.

During that brief time, prayer was suddenly OK, churches and Christianity itself was OK. Americans were more cordial toward one another. Republicans and Democrats worked together for what was good for America. That unity, unfortunately, was short lived.

Soon after the attacks, while the dead were still being found and buried, atheist Michael Newdow had filed a court case challenging the legality of the Pledge of Allegiance because it contained the words, "Under God."

MilesTones: Jobs Creation Rises Dramatically!

Obama has made good on his promises of job creation which will spike a rise in the economy.  Indeed, a short time after the last election, many new republican congresspersons and senators were hired, which began to bring the economy under control. So his plan is working!  Here is a partial list of current job listings including this job of the week:  Help Wanted: Air traffic controllers to work in major cities throughout The United States. Insomniacs given preferential status…..

Upcoming Job Opportunity:  Opening for Commander-in-Chief of U.S.A. No experience or birth certificate required. Perks include housing, first class travel and shopping trips, private security force and full staff to take care of every desire.  Illegals OK,  but must be able to read teleprompter in English.

Airport Security Screeners and Border Patrol Officers.  High paying jobs with all benefits including health insurance, college and university fee waivers, housing allowance and full access to airport facilities.  Citizenship proof helpful but not mandatory. Good morals preferred. Those without good morals will be hired at a lower rate of pay but with legal access to pat-down perks.

Video explanation of Obama's proposed budget "cuts"

There's a wonderful new video out that offers a simple, easy to understand visualization of President Obama's proposed "cuts" to the federal budget.  It demonstrates how ridiculously insignificant and insincere they truly are.

Take a moment and help educate others by promoting a link to this page, or forwarding it to others via email.

(The video is here...)



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Presbyterians Boost New CHRISLAM Religion!

The off-base Emerging Church is encouraging pastors to embrace an ecumentical concept of combining Christianity and Islam, actually partnering with Islam, to launch a new religion called…Chrislam—which would combine the two. So far, they have managed to gather 130 Christian leaders who collectively state that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. No they do not!  Allah was the Arabic name for a higher power, or a god. Mohammed ‘s god was Allilah, the moon god which conveniently became the generic name for a god, Allah. This is why a crescent moon and star is on the flag of Islam and mosques. Let this be clear.

In a disturbing account of this new movement, Debra Rae in her column released today (1/22/11) on News With Views, titled “The Lost Art Of Critical Thinking,” writes; “Recently, the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Houston, joined Christian communities in Atlanta, Seattle, and Detroit to encourage “ecumentical reconciliation” between Christianity and Islam. Theirs was a celebration of a sort of worldview potpourri mixing together elements of Christianity and Islam. Predictably called Chrislam, this brand of ecumenicalism qualifies both the Bible and the Qur’an as holy texts.” Hence, in a show of equal authenticity, Qur’ans were postitioned in pews next to Bibles.”

Muslim Complaint Ends Pledge in Idaho School

by Rev. Austin Miles--Traveling Cross-Country

(Boise Idaho 12/27/10) When one thinks of the State of Idaho, visions of tradition, patriotism, apple pie and picket fences refreshingly comes to mind. Oops--also potatoes. However those days seem to have screeched to an abrupt stop, ending the last vestige of the America we once knew and loved. As kids return to school after Christmas break, one school will have a zero-tolerance Pledge policy.

A lone female Muslim who is a student at Vallivue Academy in Caldwell, Idaho, complained [that] saying the Pledge of Allegience before classes was offensive to her Islamic faith and demanded that the recitation of it be stopped. The school--an American school--in America, readily complied and the national pledge was axed due to the demand of one Muslim girl.

At that same school, we were told, a young man, who our source would not identify for his protection, was temporarily expelled and sent home because he made a comment critical of the government and Obama during a social studies class discussion. If this is true then something must be done.

So here is a public school class discussion where only one point of view is allowed, and if any student has another viewpoint or dares to speak against Marxism, Communism, Islam and Obama, he is kicked out of the school!  And it has been strongly implied that if he does not repent and says anything else critical of our government and Obama, he will not be allowed to graduate.

MilesTones-A MilesEye View of The News

Come in to hear the Dumbest Statement Concerning, Don't ask, Don't Tell!: Jailing of Faithful Army Officer Over Obama's Non- Birth Certificate; Suicide-The Holidays and Bernard Madoff; The Real Reason for the Push of "Global Warming," and the last of the political dynasty clan, Patrick Kennedy, is leaving office which will leave us without a Kennedy in public office for the first time in 50 years!

Is He or Isn't He? Shocking Revelation by His Own Words!

You are about to see final proof as to who He really is, and, in his own words that cannot be disputed. If this doesn't spur America and the new Congress to action, then nothing will. But first......

At this moment a case is being heard in Federal Court regarding the establishment of Sharia Law in the State of Oklahoma. Arguments from CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), a "Muslim Civil Rights Group," declares it is unconstitutional to NOT allow Sharia Law in Okahoma.

This is a case that should never have even been considered for discussion, debate or hearing. This is AMERICA upholding the laws of America and her culture. We can thank the demoncrats for allowing such a case to even be brought before an American court. And as we all know, once Sharia Law is ensconced in Oklahoma it will spread through every state in our country. And this entire matter could not have advanced had it not been for higher-ups including The One whose words explain it all below.

Pelosi Keeps Power! Startling Radio Broadcast Breaks Story Media Tried To Hide!

Nancy Pelosi was just voted in as the Demorcrat Minority House Leader by a 150-43 vote, which shows a majority of Dems voting FOR her to stay in power contrary to the previous Dem statements regurgitated onto the public in an attempt to make themselves appear more moderate BEFORE the November 2nd elections. That burning smell wafting by [is] the repetitive act of pants-on-fire emanating from the usual location…...hint….left of here.

Topping our list of Most Respected and Admired People is William J. Federer, a distinguished author and patriot whose works include the classic treatise on the founding of our country, “America’s God and Country Encyclopedia Of Quotations”  which highlights the noble heritage of the world’s greatest country,  as found in speeches, papers, debates and essays.

I have long had a copy in my personal library as well as giving gift copies to pastors. Mr. Federer also publishes an international daily newsletter, American Minute, which highlights the Christian history of each day. Subscribe to it at: AmericanMinute.com

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