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Why no tort reform in health care reform?

In case you were wondering why there isn't any language any of the various versions of health care "reform" that deals with addressing the out of control escalation of lawsuits against doctors and hospitals (aka: tort reform), just have a look at who the biggest medical malpractice law firms in the country have given their money to since January of 2009.  The numbers speak for themselves.  (And if you don't believe them, just ask Howard Dean)

Obamacare quote of the day: Howard Dean edition

As mentioned earlier, former DNC chief and Vermont Governor Howard Dean has come out against the latest version of health care "reform" in the Senate.  And, much to the dismay of the White House, he's been making the rounds in the media opposing passage.

And since we recognize how rare the occasion that we would agree Dean on anything, it makes his following quote worth highlighting:

"The bill doesn't actually "cover" 30-million more Americans - instead it makes them criminals if they don't buy insurance."


Chart shows growing opposition to Obamacare over past few months

The following chart from Pollster.com gives you a good view of the growing opposition to Obamacare by the American public over time.

In fact, you can pretty much track the red "oppose" line with the increasing amount of details about the proposed versions of "reform" that began to sink in with people.

Which explains why Obama and the Democrats are in such a hurry to get it passed.


Democrat on Health Care: "We're Going to Let You Die"

"We're going to let you die."

As incredible as it may sound, those are the words of Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, in a speech given two years ago whose premise was "what a Democrat presidential candidate would say if he wasn't worried about getting elected".

You don't say.

His remarks were caught on audio, (much to the chagrin of those pushing Obamacare right now), and you can listen to them by clicking the "video" below.  A transcript of his comments is posted below as well, (via WSJ).

It's interesting how, as you listen to his comments, you can see how much of what he says looks an awful lot like some of the elements of (and logical consequences of) current Democrat health care proposals.

Enjoy... and pass it on!


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New Coalition Poll: Your Main Concerns About Obamacare?

Cast your vote in our latest poll...then add your comments.

What are your main concerns about recently proposed health care reforms?

Your options:

  • The costs
  • Potential rationing of health care
  • Public funding of abortion
  • Loss of personal liberty
  • The government run "public option" in general
  • All of the above
  • Other

 Click here to cast you vote and comment.


TAKE ACTION: contact your members of Congress and let them know how you feel.

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Video: Kids Singing for Obamacare on CNN

This whole using kids as props / tools for Obama (and Obamacare) is really getting out of hand...  (By the way, I'm sure CNN "fact-checked" these kids song, just like they did the SNL skit that lampooned Obama).

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Video: Obama's Own Words About the Demise of Private Insurance

Just in case you've forgotten what Obama himself has had to say about the "public option" and private insurance.  And remember, this is the same guy who wants us to believe him when he tells us that, under his plan, "if you like your insurance, you can keep it".

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress to say "NO" to Obamacare.  Click here and contact your members of Congress now.

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