Osama Bin Laden

Pastor's Suicide Note Read to Congregation

Oakley, California 5/9/11

Yesterday was a very troubling Mother’s Day as an elderly grieving woman sat in Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley, California, quietly sobbing over the tragic death of her son, Pastor Jerry Hanoum. The church was overflowing with mourning people who filled every seat, the chairs on the drama stage and the choir loft with many others standing in the back and along the walls.

The charismatic pastor had committed suicide earlier that week, an action that took everyone by surprise. Those who gathered for the Sunday service were stunned. This could not have possibly happened!  After some worship songs, speakers, Pastor Tyrone Holmes, Pastor Joe Seeley, and Pastor Will Byrns spoke of the qualities of Pastor Jerry that they had observed during their relationships with him.

In an unusual move, they made his last words public, Pastor Jerry’s daughter, Tiffany, read the suicide note that he wrote just before he pulled the trigger. The note was an attempt to clear the record, explain everything and to communicate how he regretted his actions. He had asked God to forgive him and he wanted more than anything to pay everyone back.

Press Fails to Tip Off Osama Bin Laden--Mission Successful!

The dramatic death of Osama Bin Laden, announced yesterday, provoked a myriad of responses. But the most profound of all was a sense of bi-partisn unity for the first time since 9-11. At that time America with all its diverse opinions came together in collective outrage against those who attacked us on our shores, killing thousands of innocent people, without provocation.

The horrendous sneak attack, directed by Osama Bin Laden, was killing for the sake of killing and showing power to possibly cower this nation into a surrender to Islam. The nation stood together for the first time in decades which gave the United States new strength.

During that brief time, prayer was suddenly OK, churches and Christianity itself was OK. Americans were more cordial toward one another. Republicans and Democrats worked together for what was good for America. That unity, unfortunately, was short lived.

Soon after the attacks, while the dead were still being found and buried, atheist Michael Newdow had filed a court case challenging the legality of the Pledge of Allegiance because it contained the words, "Under God."

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