Newspapers That Caused Pastor's Death MUST Be Legally Charged

Aside from what qualifies as mandatory criminal prosecution, a Wrongful Death Suit is also a proper legal remedy against any individual (s) who directly contributes to a death. These laws are in place for good reason.

There is absolutely no question that the suicide of Pastor Jarry Hanoum on May 4th was directly caused by The Brentwood Press that started the frenzy over his alleged questionable financial dealings and The Contra Costa Times and their reporters based in Walnut Creek, California, who picked it up and pumped it up. 

The charges against the pastor were newsworthy and should have been published in one story with facts, not attacks. But newspapers today are out for blood.

San Jose Christian Perspectives Examiner, David McCaine reported on the Hanoum Suicide in his excellent article: “Were Newspapers Such as the Contra Costa Times Guilty of Bullying?”  His story included this quotable statement: “The media’s job is to be a watchdog for public welfare, not send in a group of snarling pit bulls to torrment somebody that is already down.”  Right on!  Thank you Mr. McCaine.

Stirring Memorial Service for Pastor Jerry Hanoum

Brentwood, California (5/14/11). For events expecting large crowds in the Bay Area’s East County, Golden Hills Community Church is usually the chosen venue. The cavernous sanctuary was almost filled to capacity this morning as the crowd filed in, coming in from as far away as Los Angeles and San Diego to memorialize Pastor Jerry Hanoum, driven to suicide by the newspapers.

Over a hundred pastors attended, and several area churches pitched in to bring food for a reception and helped served the food. It was a time of refreshing unity. Love filled the air.

Speaker after speaker including three ministers had a hard time keeping composure as they spoke about the flamboyant preacher who had a big heart. It was told how a visitor admired a motorcycle the pastor had that was his pride and joy, and as the visitor expressed how much he liked it, Pastor Jerry said, “Take it…it’s yours.” That is the kind of man he was.

He had been the subject of scathing newspaper headlines based upon accusations of financial improprieties which could have been reported in one story with facts.

Instead, the reporters concentrated on attacking his character in general in a series of front page stories that brought suspician on Mountain View Christian Center itself, a church very active in community outreach activity which fed and clothed 1000 people a month, a chaplaincy program on call when needed and helping addicts kick the habit.

Newspapers Fired Fatal Shot That Killed Pastor!

(Oakley, California 5/5/11) The area newspapers accomplished their goal. They set out to destroy a Christian pastor and they succeeded. Pastor Jerry Hanoum who founded Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley, died at 8:30 A.M. yesterday morning (5/4/11) in his truck parked in the driveway of his Brentwood home. A fatal gunshot wound to the head took his life. While his death is listed as “an apparent suicide,” further investigations, including an autopsy scheduled for today, will determine that conclusively.

Pastor Hanoum was accused of, and under investigation, for alleged financial improprieties regarding loans and investments made by church members. He was scheduled for a court appearance on May 10th.

The local and area newspapers made the most of the allegations, elaborating on them in three front page stories about his ‘character’ and a perceived past history which was not clearly defined.

Being a writer/journalist, it is fully agreed that the press has a responsibility to report news of interest. This means pure journalism with facts without attacks. The initial stories were sensationlized versions of the facts that should have been reported responsibly. In this case, they were not.

BREAKING! Noted Author-Historian Peter Marshall Dies

Peter Marshall, author of, The Light and The Glory, and From Sea to Shining Sea, died suddenly on Wednesday evening, September 8, 2010 in Orleans Massachusetts. He was 70 years old.

His mother, Catherine Marshall wrote the best-selling biography of his father entitled, A Man Called Peter. This book was later made into an Oscar-nominated film of the same title (1955) in which Peter, Jr. was portrayed as a young child by the actor, Bill Chapin.

Born on Janurary 21, 1940, Peter John Marshall, the son of the Scottish minister, Dr. Peter Marshall, who became Pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washinton, D.C. in 1937 and was appointed twice as Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, serving from Janurary 1947 until his sudden death at the age of 46.

A graduate of Mount Hermon School in Northfield, MA, Peter John attended Yale University where he sang in the Yale Glee Club and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in History. He then entered Princeton Theological Seminary from which he was graduated in 1965 and ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.  .

For the next twelve years, he served pastorates in West Hartford, CT, and East Dennis, MA. Since 1977, he had devoted himself to a nationwide ministry of preaching, teaching, speaking and writing.  He is survived by his three children and their mother Edith Marshall Roberts as well as two step-brothers and a step-sister.

Minister's Heroic Stand For Integrity

Every man seems to have a price. This writer is constantly amazed at how cheap one can buy a man or woman's integrity. That is, except for Rev. John Anderson, who runs the Bay Area Rescue Mission in Richmond, a homeless shelter with 325 beds. His is a compassionate ministry which provides for the needs of the downtrodden. With case loads increasing due to the economic crisis, the mission is constantly in need of funds. Not enough, however, for Rev. Anderson to sell his integrity.

Richmond is known the world over as a city of constant violence, crime, and murder. It was the scene of the recent gang rape of a 15 year old girl who had gone to a high school dance. One of those who took part was a 13 year old boy.

Richmond's problems can be solved, said the Guidiville Band of Pomo Indians to the board of supervisors, by building an Indian casino at Point Molate. This will give the city a new look, generate income for the city as well as providing employment in the community which will reduce crime.

A tidal wave of opposition slowed the procedure until the tribe met again with supervisors and gave them specific figures about how much the city-the county and the state would be given each year, in the millions, which would pay for improvements, security etc.  To deal with their opponents,they also promised huge amounts of money each year if the measure passed, and this included charity organizations like Rev. Anderson's Bay Area Rescue Mission.

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Open Letter to Pastors and Church Leadership

Is anyone out there?


 I have to wonder what is going on in the body of Christ, and more specifically with Church leadership. Things that used to bring us to our knees and cause our voices to rise in support of righteousness, now cause not even a small ripple effect.

Stop It...Just Stop It

Stop it…Just stop it


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