National Unity After 9-11 Shattered by One man

An almost eerie feeling of unity swept across America in the aftermath of 9-11. Churches kept their doors open so people could come in at any hour to pray. The nation was back on its knees, reaching out to God, whom they had become careless with over the years.

Prayer services took place in The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Yankee Stadium in New York City hosted full capacity attendence for theirs, and churches throughout America were filled on Sunday mornings and mid-week services.

We began to re-think who we were ordained to be when the original roots of America were planted in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence based on our relationship with God and His Word.

After 9-11, Americans were united in collective outrage and determination to never let this happen again. A woman named, Evelyn Smith said to a newspaper; “The good thing that came out of 9-11 is that all of a sudden, it was OK to pray.” Yes it was.

We began to celebrate renewed strength and good that God lifted out of all of us, to infuse our patriotism with prayer, reconcile ourselves to God and ask for His Hand to again be placed on America.

It was the solid prayer and embracing of God that soothed a grieving nation during the worst time of its history. It was so strong that the atheists did not dare say anything….that is… except one.

MilesEye View of 4th of July--Feature Commentary

Our Founding Fathers had a vision of a country where the people would be the government, putting in political leaders to carry out the will of the people. The government was to be for the people, not to dictate to the people.

A boat load of pilgrims sailed the ocean under primitive conditions and unpredictable circumstances, risking all to leave the oppression of Europe to find a land where they could be free to worship God and to live in a land where they could choose their own future, not having their future determined for them.

Such a place would be worth risking all to reach. They put themselves, their families, and all life's possiblitiles on the line.

When America gained its independance from England, the newly formed government astonished the world as it watched America grow in strength, wealth and power in such a short time.

George Washington said, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible."

In 1892, the Supreme Court of the United States declared, "These and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation."

Indeed, during the Revolutionary War, Congress imported 20,000 copies of the Bible because "the use of the Bible is so universal, and its importance so great..."

Gavel! This case is settled.

HOWEVER, the Communist Party lost no time in trying to take away the success of a free country and turn it into one of their satellite states living under slavery.

Unusual World War II Vet Buried

(Brentwood, California 6/25/11) An unusual World War II veteran from Brentwood, Marcella Ruth Herzig, died June 16th at the age of 90, further dwindling the number of veterans of that historic war until soon, there will be no more. Yes, a WOMAN  veteran of WW II.

Ms. Herzig was an extremely beautiful young woman who stunned the recruiters when she showed up to enlist in the Navy Air Corps when World War II broke out.

She was shipped out to boot camp in Rochester, New York, then was assigned to tower duty in Livermore, California at a Navy airstrip which is now the site of the Lawrence Livermore Labs.

While on duty she became acquainted with Robert Taylor, the movie star, who was a pilot and had also enlisted in the Navy Air Corps. They saw each other frequently when he was in and out, and became friends.

She was easy to be friends with. That included the girls in high school who could have resented her because of her beauty and tried to compete with her but that was not the case. She was not spoiled or self centered. Indeed she was humble with what appeared to be a shy streak. She never wanted to be the center of attention. Her respect for others along with her strict ethics drew people to her.

Even though most of her friends had died during her 90 years, she continued to make a lasting impact on everyone she met, resulting in the Brentwood Funeral Home Chapel being nearly filled for her Memorial Service on June 20th.

Idaho School Attempts Pledge Cancellation Coverup?

In December, an individual at the Vallivue Academy, a charter school in Boise, Idaho, alerted this news site about the Pledge of Allegiance being permanently cancelled in the school due to a complaint made by a female Muslim student (see story, “Muslim Complaint Ends Pledge in Idaho School”). Before publishing the story, corroborative testimony served to verify the event. Two months after it was published, an angry email was received from a teacher of that school. It is reprinted as it was received.

——-Original Message——-
From: Mike

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Sent: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 8:39 pm
Subject: Muslim Complaint Ends Pledge in Idaho School!

Beck's Racist Rally--Really?

Readers, I’ve tried to get this out all day but again, my computer has been hacked and blocked. Obama’s Marxists do not want this story published. They have tried on several occasions to disable my computer and in effect, to silence me. According to today’s “People’s World, ” the Communist paper of Communist Party USA (CPUSA), the Glenn Beck Rally in D.C. at The Lincoln Memorial, was racist and they hijacked the anniversary of the Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech that was given at that location, a day in which people of all colors were welcome and gathered in unity, while Beck’s rally was attended by racist white people. So saith they.

That prompted me to fire off a response to People’s World where it was immediately posted. I have been blocked from cutting and pasting from People’s World, indeed, I cannot even print out the response so I will type it exactly as it appears in the Communist newspaper:

Racist Rally
Please assist. I want to do a story/expose on the racism of the Glenn Beck Rally in D.C.. Please help. Anyone who can provide photos of any signs stating, “Black, Asian & Hispanics Not Allowed To Enter,” will be given photo & video credits. Especially any video showing anyone of color being denied access or entry to the premises of the rally. This will prove to the world what is actually taking place.
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09/02/10-12:30 P.M.
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Barack: The Destroyer

Barack the Destroyer (The unfiltered, unedited, raw version)

"Whom so ever shall read this post, does so by ones own will. It is my, the authors, unalienable right, afforded by my countries constitution, to practice free speech. This posting must not be misconstrued. It is merely the concerned voice an average American who believes the Republic has been seized. The occupier's, the currant democrat party, must be non-violently extracted from their lofty corrupt perches. The democrat party has been hijacked by radical liberals, who no matter the cost, choose ideology over humanity. The window for this action is narrow, and rapidly shrinking."

In 1776, the stage was set, the participants were more than eager to shine, for they knew every uttered word, movement, chapter, and act would be eternally referred to and looked upon as a pivotal event in the birth of a new nation. They seemed to have accepted their script from God himself. Some were relegated to play supporting roles, through the trappings of history that is, then there were others like Thomas Jefferson, who seemed more than punctual in appearing at the right place at the right time, thus securing his glorious and romanticized importance in our countries construction.

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