MilesTones UPDATE! Chicken Trial Moves To Final Round January 26th

The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood is nearing its final hearing in what has been described as the REAL 'Trial of the Century' (not OJs in his Brentwood, but the one here in the East Bay of Northern California). The incident started over a young woman who kept two hens in her backyard, which outraged a neighbor who charged the hens with poop-bombing HER yard which would bring fatal diseases into her house and throughout the neighborhood...

The dispute was heard before the Brentwood planning Commission during the week of January 4th, which spurred newspapers and internet news sites to send reports of the trial around the world, making the chickens famous, even though their names were with-held due to their ages.         

At the same time, a similar case was brought in Oakland where the hens won...YES!...and resulted in Oakland declaring itself a "Chicken Friendly City." As reported by the Contra Costa Times (1/10/10), since the declaration was passed, the sounds of saws and hammers can be heard in the backyards of Oakland as everyone is now building chicken coops. Yes! Power to the chickens!

The Brentwood case first went before the City Planning Commission and having passed that hurdle, is now scheduled for the final round of the dispute before the Brentwood City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening, January 26th, presided over by Mayor Bob Taylor.  There will probably be many ruffled feathers to smooth during the caged proceedings.

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Massachusetts poll numbers

There have been a lot of polls conducted over the past ten days or so showing Masschusetts state senator Scott Brown first gaining momentum, then passing AG Martha Coakley.  The latest group (summary here on Real Clear Politics) seem to show Brown with a comfortable lead.

Read that again.  "Comfortable lead".  In Massachusetts.  At state Obama won with 61% of the vote, (his 8th highest total of any state in 2008).

What really interesting are some of the numbers "inside the numbers"...as in how the various demographic groups break down.

The one that really stuck out to me today was part of the Politico's Insider/Advantage poll.  It shows 18-29 year old voters breaking 61% to 30% for the Republican.  Again, 18 to 29 year olds...in Massachusetts, (which is a big "college town" state), for a REPUBLICAN.

This is the same group that prompted USA Today to suggest a major electoral shift in America when the 2008 pre-election Gallup Poll showed them breaking to Obama by the exact same percentage (61% to 32%).

All of which leads one to wonder whether the I-Pod and Facebook generation is getting a little put off by the Democrats push for the same old expensive, big government solutions to modern problems.


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Liberal tolerance on display in Massachusetts Senate race

Just how "tolerant" are liberal Democrats in Massachusetts?  Check out the video below and you'll get an idea.

This from people who say conservatives are intolerant.


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MilesTones--Breaking! Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood Updated--fumbling dems--dotted lines...and More...

The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood (see story on this website) has egged on the nation to arise and set...to push Rights For Hens! The Brentwood incident started over a woman who kept two hens in her backyard which outraged a neighbor who charged the hens with poop-bombing HER yard which would bring fatal diseases into her house and throughout the neighborhood. The dispute was heard before the Brentwood planning Commission which spurred the nation to action. At the same time, a similar case was brought in Oakland where the hens won...YES...and resulted in Oakland declaring itself a "Chicken Friendly City." As reported by the Contra Costa Times (1/10/10), since the declaration the sounds of saws and hammers can be heard in the backyards of Oakland as everyone is now building chicken coops. California has finally advanced.

Democrats to push for "universal" voter registration

Don't look now, but some liberal members of Congress are planning to introduce legislation that will result in "universal" voter registration in all fifty states.

According to the Washington Times, the legislation would:

The proposal is to register everyone on every welfare list,
everyone getting unemployment insurance, everyone with a driver's
license, everyone who has had run-ins with the legal system, everyone
owning any property - basically everyone on every list the government
keeps. People will be registered to vote whether or not they want to be
registered. If individuals are on any public record, they will be
automatically registered.

Among other problems with such an idea, (not the least of which is the federal government intruding on a state issue), the legislation would result in voter registration for illegal aliens and felons.  Add to this the fact that it would make voter fraud much, much more likely, given the people often have their names listed differently in various government databases (also leading to confusion), plus many people wouldbe registered without their knowledge.

In short, this is the "Automatically Register Anyone Who Might Be a Democrat and Let's Make it Easier to Commit Voter Fraud Act".

No shame.


MilesTones Saturday Night Special-Global Warming-No Pants Subway Day-Sex Ed-Gore's Oscar and More

Brrr! Al Gore's Global Warming is about to freeze us to death. Even hearty Germans are shivering in the the coldest climate seen in 25 years. All of Florida is freezing. Yes, Ireland and Scotland too. But not to worry. Gore's global tax supporters in the scientific community have issued a statement that the chilling temperatures and record snow falls are directly connected to the effects of global warming. (!)  That should clear things up.

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Liberal Virus

The Obamacon's refuse to admit Islamic terrorist have engaged us, flight 253 seems to be an isolated indecent, of course! What other explanation would there be for a blithering idiot to ignite his trousers aflame on a plane carrying close to 300 innocent lives? Well, President Obama and you liberal rainbow chasers, let me fill you in. Islamic terrorist want America eradicated, they want your emotionally enlightened liberal hearts on a stick, with mine right next to it. Islamic terrorist want my children to die, they would cherish nothing more than to fill the statue of liberty with the burned up body's of our dead, doctors, teachers, scientist, volunteer fire men, drug addicts, and musicians... Getting it? ( Oh except maybe their court appointed lawyers)

The vermin who exterminated 13 of his fellow comrades at Fort hood, another isolated indecent? The fact that he had been communicating with other anti-American radicals leads me to believe that this particular slug is a small part of an enormously and obviously large movement that would have had enjoyed if he were to murder many more than 13. Yet our President and the liberal virus are frantically running interference and spewing denial, holding on to the hope that we are as stupid and naive as we were when we let them take over.

MilesTones-The Great Chicken Trial in Brentwood

MilesTones SPECIAL REPORT! Brentwood, California (1/6/10)  Many judges, it is said, conduct Kangaroo Courts. But have you ever heard of a Chicken Court? Such took place in Brentwood last night (not OJs Brentwood but the one in Northern California) where two hens were put on trial…I kid you not…which had everybody walking on eggshells.

A young woman in Brentwood kept a couple of hens in her backyard which stirred the cackles of a next door neighbor who charged that the hens were unsafe, could bring in bird flu, cause dangerous animals to come, that would be attracted by the eggs the hens layed which would make it unsafe for her cat that roamed freely. Not only that, but she could step in chicken poop and bring it right into her house on her shoes, which would cause fatal diseases!

It was reported to MilesTones that Henny Penny, being swept up in these findings,  frantically ran through the streets, flapping her wings and yelling, “The poop is falling! The poop is falling!”  All citizens ducked into their houses, after first checking their shoes.

This of course would be a phenomenon since the hens are in a cage and the two homes are separated by a high fence which would require incredible projection and aiming skills by the hens to accomplish such a feat.

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Will the debt be the doom of liberalism?

Margaret Thatcher once said that the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.  And considering that liberalism is essentially socialism, the same principle applies.  And with that said, America is fast running out of other people's money.

There was a great op-ed in the Washington Examiner last week which suggested that our national debt, the result of borrowing other people's money over the years, would be the end of liberalism as there would no longer be enough money to pay for it.  To which one could conclude that, if there's anything silver lining to the explosive growth of government, entitlement programs, etc. - to say nothing of what Obama and current members of Congress have in mind - it's that they'll just bankrupt us quicker and bring a more speedy end to liberalism.

From the article:

Chart shows growing opposition to Obamacare over past few months

The following chart from Pollster.com gives you a good view of the growing opposition to Obamacare by the American public over time.

In fact, you can pretty much track the red "oppose" line with the increasing amount of details about the proposed versions of "reform" that began to sink in with people.

Which explains why Obama and the Democrats are in such a hurry to get it passed.

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