The Unexpected!

As we fight to keep America from descending lower than Sodom and Gommorah (as if that were possible), remember to expect the unexpected, as you "fight the good fight!"

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Take our American Values Survey - then pass it on

Given the changes in Washington, it is urgent that political leaders understand that America's Christian voters expect strong moral leadership in government. Leadership that respects and reflects our values - not attacks them at every opportunity.

That's why we're conducting a massive survey of America's politically active Christians - so we can show the politicians and the media exactly where we stand.

We're surveying hundreds of thousands of conservative Christians nationwide, and we want to make sure your voice is included.

This is your chance to send a strong message to America's political leaders as well as members of the media. Urge them not to ignore the issues and concerns of America's Christians. Don't let them claim that they never heard from you.

Click here to take the survey and have your voice heard!

(Individual answers will be kept confidential. Only the overall total results from all respondents will be released.)

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Republican opportunities in the Sotomayor nomination

When it comes to the confirmation process for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, Republicans have an opportunity to do something that would benefit both themselves and the nation.   That is, they should use the process as a chance to hold forth on the meaning of the Constitution and the proper role of the judiciary in our political system and society.

Three main areas are ripe with opportunity for Republicans if they have the nerve to play hardball.

First, the notion that "empathy" should play any role in American justice.

Obama previously stated that he wanted judges that had "empathy" when it came to how they made their decisions. But empathy is merely a euphemism for justifying politically liberal results.

One-hundred days of Barack Obama

Barack Obama has now been in office for one-hundred days, a length of time the media first began to use to measure early presidential success back in the first administration of FDR.  This is appropriate, given our current President's ambition to increase the size, scope and cost of government beyond the wildest dreams of the man who laid the foundations of the modern welfare state - and American statism in general.

For his part, Obama is "pleased, but not satisfied" with what they've accomplished.  From a conservative standpoint, the view is, shall we say, quite a bit different.

Herewith, some of the "highlights" (or lowlights) of the first one-hundred days of the Obama administration.

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Weekly Brief

Brief o3/11/12

Obama confused on earmarks

It's difficult to imagine a politician being less than truthful, but to out right lie, why

that's just un-American. It seems the true American Idol, Barack Obama, has

rescinded his prior ethical stance on ear marks. Earlier, in a debate with Republican

patsy John McCain, Obama insisted that his virtuous administration would examine,

line by line, all bills, ensuring the elimination of wasteful earmarks. Welcome to

Omnibus '09, with over 9000 ear marks! In keeping with the whole, “It's crisis, shut up

and give me your money.” theme, Obama's reason for signing this bill, laden with

more fat than a Big Mac, was he simply didn't want to bog down congress at this

critical juncture. Change anyone?

Connecticut and 1098

A bill that would put important financial decisions beyond the reach of Roman

Catholic bishops , and before the scrutiny of an appointed lay committee, was

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Will Hillary run against Obama in 2012?

Dick Morris, the former senior advisor to Bill Clinton in his first term, has written a column entitled: "Hillary's Incredible Shrinking Cabinet Role." This raises the question of whether Hillary Clinton will resign after a couple years, or less, of extreme frustration after being shut-out during key foreign policy-making decisions by the Obama White House.

Here are just a few examples given by Dick Morris of Hillary Clinton's shrinking role as head of the Obama State Department: "Joe Biden has "moved vigorously to stake out foreign policy as his turf. His visit to Afghanistan, right before the inauguration, could not but send a signal to Hillary that he would conduct foreign policy in the new administration, leaving Hillary in the role of back-up.

"Richard Holbrooke, the former Balkan negotiator and U.N. ambassador, has been named special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan. He insisted on direct access to the president, a privilege he was denied during much of the Clinton years.

"Former Sen. George Mitchell (D-Maine), negotiator of the Irish Peace Accords, was appointed to be the administration's point man on Arab-Israeli negotiations.

"Samantha Power, Obama's former campaign aide, who once called Hillary a 'monster,' has been appointed to the National Security Council (NSC) as director of 'multicultural affairs.'


As a member of the "civilized" society we live in, I cannot feel any worries about genuine atheists because it is their right to believe or not to believe. Yet, ANTITHEISTS use the euphemism of ATHEISM.

ANTI means: antagonistic, defiant, opposing, enemy of, hostile, belligerant, destructive, violent, furious, etc. etc. etc.

And narrowing the definition of ANTITHEISTS we reach the buttomline: THE ANTICHRIST ACTIVISTS and their DECEPTIVE AGENDA.

Let's dare to think by ourselves. It's not against the Law of the Land yet and I refuse to be "politically correct".

PLAGIARISM OF A JOKE by Miami's Satiric Ghost ("Satirito")


A "believer" had just passed away. He anxiously pushed the door of Heaven and rushed in. For his surprise, the receptionist was Barrack Obama. With his charming smile, the host showed the premisses to the newcomer: Beautiful gardens, pieceful chapels, and angels and religious souls singing beautiful christian hymns.

The newcomer said: "At last I have achieved my goal and I am where I wanted to spend eternity"

Obama asked him: "Why don't you take a tour in Hell, also? You' ve got nothing to lose and will be able to go back to Earh and preach about the real difference".




I wish I were wrong, but I'm certain I am not, and will continue to be certain unless someone proves me that I'm dead wrong. But please don't use farfetched arguments or your selective perception of reality to feel comfortable in the phantasy world of "Wonderland". Moeover, before evluating the above issue, please answer yourself each one of the following questions:

A: Does it look as if the real Power behind the power is following a well coordinated plan to use the pretext of "saving" the USA economy in order to control it first, and then own it?

McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate

August 27, 2008 The Weekly Standard reports: McCain Won’t Rule Out Pro-choice Running Mate

From: http://www.weeklystandard.com/Misc/Respond.asp

Voters and Evangelical supporters alike are rightfully jumping ship,
as McCain is willing to elect a Vice President who condones free choice
in the murdering unborn children!

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