Burn Quran Day Idea Not So Hot

It was on, then it was off, now it is on again. Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, a tiny church of 50 members says that today, September 11, 2010, on the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 sneak attacks on America by Muslims, the Burn a Quran Day WILL take place today in the parking lot of his church. This writer thinks that the idea of burning copies of the Quran is not so hot, even though you will be surprised as to why this objection is offered. It’s not what you think.

This morning (Friday Sept.10,2010), the Occupier of The Oval Office held a pathetic news conference where he virtually begged Pastor Jones not to go through with this idea, because this will upset Muslims which will put our miltary personnel at risk and would lead to violence to Americans overseas. How’s that again? Our troops are ALREADY at risk, constantly. Not only those in Afghanistan and Iraq, but on our own miltary bases right here in America, such as Ft. Hood where a Muslim soldier stationed there, shot up the base, killing and wounding dozens of military personnel. There was no Quran burned. 
As for attacks on Americans overseas, American civilians found we were not even safe from Muslims in our own country. In 1993, American bred Muslims used a car bomb to explode at the World Trade Buildings in New York. And that was WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PROVOCATION OR QURAN BURNING.

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Prop 8 Judge-Ruling Illegal-Obama's Ground Zero Mosque-Not to Miss Radio Program

The Judicial Commission Ethics Panel makes it clear that a judge who has a personal interest in a case to come before his court that can result in personal gain to that judge, is under obligation to recuse himself or herself from that case. That is the law. And that rule of ethics seems particularly applicable to this case. U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker is a homosexual, which is no secret, and it is reported that he has a "partner." Yet he positioned himself to make the defining decision regarding "gay marriage." He was not nor IS not legally seated to hear and rule on the "Constitutionality of Proposition 8" since he personally benefits from this ruling.

The judge and his prejudiced ruling is Null and Void and must be declared so immediately.  I urge lawyers to hammer home that issue. The ABA Ethics Panel has a similar rule for lawyers. They cannot impanel a juror [if] the prospective juror is a personal friend of the attorney. It could not be more clear.  BREAKING Update Below.

Kids told they can't sing the national anthem at Lincoln Memorial

Here's another entry from the "Are you kidding?" department.

In late June a group of conservative high school students who were visiting the Lincoln Memorial were ordered by a security guard to STOP singing the national anthem.

Yes, really.

Again, this was at the Lincoln Memorial...on the National Mall...in our nation's capital.

The US Park Police admitted that the students were told that they were in violation of some federal law because it demands that the area remain "completely content neutral".  Content neutral?  Again, this was at the Lincoln Memorial...on the National Mall...in our nation's capital. 

If free speech is to be celbrated, allowed, or encouraged anywhere, one would expect it would be in what is probably the most high profile public space in our country.  But no.

“They told them to stop singing,” said Evan Gassman, a spokesman for the Young America’s Foundation. “I was taken aback. You wouldn’t expect a display of national patriotism to be censored."  ...

The incident occurred on June 25 as students were taking a monument tour of the nation’s capital. The decision to sing the national anthem at the memorial was a spur of the moment event, according to Shawn Balcomb, of Richmond Hill, GA.

OUTRAGE! Ground Zero Mosque to Open on 9/11 Anniversary!

Yes, you read that right. The 13 story mosque to be built on the Ground Zero location has been approved and is set to begin construction work, with the Grand Opening scheduled for September 11, 2011.  It is to be named The Cordova House which is significant. That name comes from Cordova, Spain that marked one of Islam's greatest conquests during the Middle Ages. To celebrate the conquest, the Muslims took over the Catholic Church and turned it into a giant mosque.  This is the usual method in which they mark a conquest.  

 What is worse,  New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg along with other knuckle-headed oatmeal-for-brains officials all approve of this whole package even though this sacred site, where thousands of our citizens were brutally killed,  will be represented as the Arch of Triumph for Islam. And it was carefully planned to have the grand opening of the mosque on the anniversay of their attack on New York and America. Talk about nerve. And Bloomberg, the various boards, and planning commissions are allowing this outrage to take place. Indeed, they are encouraging it. Has a plague of insanity hit this nation?

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Liberal Whiplash: The Death and Resurrection of the Black Man

Liberal Whiplash: The Death & Resurrection of the Black Man

"There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs - partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose their grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs."
Booker T. Washington (authentic Black man)

I have been gnawing at the bit, enthusiastically and impatiently waiting to write this article. My brows are down and my eye's could blaze a whole through any intrusion that should stand in my way, emphatically writing this long over due bitter pill. Liberal Whiplash: The death & Resurrection of the Black Man, exposes the progressive agenda to drag the African American community from serfdom to martyrdom. For the purpose of commonsensical factual information, I unabashedly use some generalizations, both about the white race and the black race. There are exceptions to the rule, and for the sake of my brothers and sisters of any color, we should pray to make the exception to the rule, the rule of thumb.

2010 elections: a local or national election?

In most elections, the outcome will boil down to local issues...even elections for national office.  Whether it's fixing potholes, or the guy who can go to Washington and raid the national piggy bank and send back home more of what the voters sent there to begin with, as former Democrat House Speaker Tip O'Neal once said, "all politics is local".

But not always.

As with about everything in politics (and life), there are exceptions.  Meaning, sometimes, elections will revolve around national issues and themes.  And 2010 is shaping up to be just such a year.   Why?  Because people are growing more concerned about issues like terrorism, spending and the national debt than they are about more goodies from the government.  And whereas usually people had a low opinion of Congress, but a high opinion of their own congressman, even that opinion isn't so high anymore.

Gallup's new poll takes a look at voters' issue concerns and finds the following:

Super Tuesday winners and losers

By now you know most of the "who won, who lost" as far as the candidates are concerned in the mega-round of primaries held in 11 states this Tuesday.  (If not, you can catch up here).  But what we're more interested in is the bigger picture.  Who are the big "winners and losers" based on how things turned out?

The Winners

Sarah Palin: Palin had a really good night.  In South Carolina's GOP gubernatorial primary, the candidate she backed, three-term state representative Nikki Haley came from fourth place to first (and within one point of winning a four-way primary without a runoff) in the little more than two weeks since Palin's endorsement.  And in Nevada, Palin endorsed another state representative Sharon Angle...who was also in last place...and also went on to finish first.  She also backed Carly Fiorina in California who won that state GOP's senate nomination.

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Primary roundup: tea parties, incumbents and runoffs, oh my!

The media has referred to it as "Super Tuesday".  But considering there were only a handful of states having primaries, it wasn't really super in size.  Although it did produce some interesting results.

Here's a roundup of the big stories...

Pennsylvania: Lights out for Specter

After switching parties for the second time in his career, Specter is now a man without a country, so to speak.  So much for Obama having the influence to pull Specter over the finish line.  In fact, that's the other "big" news of the night, that Obama is now 0-4 when it comes to big endorsements (remember Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts?).

As for how this impacts the race in the fall, you’ll now have Joe Sestak, who’s not the unpopular Specter, but who is more liberal, running against conservative Pat Toomey.  Now Pennsylvania is no red state, but it’s not really a blue state either.  It’s purple.  If this were a presidential election year, it would be better for the Democrat, but it’s not.  It’s a mid-term when voters are becoming very concerned about fiscal issues, and long-time fiscal conservative Toomey should be able to effectively hang the liberal, big and expensive government label around Sestaks’ neck.

Advantage: Toomey.

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New Gallup Poll Confirms Pro-life as "The New Normal"

The latest Gallup poll on abortion is in and - for the third time in several years - it confirms that most Americans share the pro-life point of view.

The poll points out that the overall shift towards more conservative views on the issue that began over a year ago has continued, with 47% of respondents claiming to be "pro-life" vs. 45% who say they are "pro-choice".

While the gap between the two opinions is not very significant, it does represent a firming of pro-life opinion in the country, prompting Gallup to refer to it as "the new normal" on the issue.  It's also worth pointing out that these last few Gallup polls on the issue represent the first significant change on the issue in over a dozen years (when the pro-life position was at a twenty point deficit).

Gallup also points out that the trend towards more pro-life views is consistent across all age groups, as you can see in the graph below.  Note the rapid growth among the youngest age group...which suggests some political heartburn for liberal Democrats in future years.

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Rocker's Viagra Overdose! What? Plus The Dotted Lines and Video

It was bound to happen and it did! According to the German news-site,The Local,Tom Kaulitz, a member of German pop band, Tokio Hotel believes in the Boy Scout motto: "Be Prepared." Anticipating a party with some groupies in Taiwan after a recording session, he got some Viagra and took not one, but several of the pills, which kept him at attention for two days, we are told. While MilesTones has not been able to fully verify this part even though told to us by a reliable source, he had been doing a remake CD of "A Hard Day's Night....so moving right along.....

In London, as a distressed man climbed to the top of a bridge to jump off he saw at the top a young woman also about to commit suicide, so he hastened his climb to get to her and save her from jumping. His saving her wound up saving him as well...plus the two clicked and are now engaged to be married...which gives a new slant on 'leaping into marriage'....Out of Springfield Missouri cometh the news that slaughtering horses for human consumption could resume, which means horse meat served in restaurants...that's really putting the a la carte before the horse....a truly international report informs us that FRENCH President Nicolas Sarkozy muscled Chancellor Angela Merkel by threatening to pull his country out of the euro currency union unless GERMANY helped GREECE with its debt crisis, a SPANISH newspaper reported Friday. Anybody from Ireland out there?

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