What Has the Occupiers Come Down To?

File:Misc pollen colorized.jpg
Photo from Wikipedia, credited to William Crochot at  http://www.science-et-vie.net. Source and public domain notice at Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility.

One must realize a ‘movement’s’ objective before they protest themselves, join the group, or even support their actions watching them on TV. What is their long term goal? Is yours the same? Are their protestations doing any good? Pollen particles may be an apt description.

‘Occupy’ protests, at over 30 cities countrywide, have been on a rampage. But comparisons of Tea Party gatherings, and Occupy protests are imminent. The Tea Party does not like the socialistic tendencies of the Obama regime. The Occupiers screamed “exploitation by capitalism”.  At [workers.org] Workers World Party, you’ll see signs saying, “A job is a right; capitalism doesn’t work”.

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