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MilesTones Saturday Night Special-Where Are Famed Hens?

The recent Prayer Breakfast in D.C. for the first time became a political event as Obama told why gays should be able to serve openly in the military. The setting, a prayer breakfast to honor God, was the wrong place to proclaim such ideas. Even a touch of class would have dictated propriety at that event. The One also said that he prays for our nation, which is about as sincere as an undertaker trying to look sad at a $10,000 funeral.  

Celebrity Chickens Flew The Coop?  Henny and Penny, the world famous hens are nowhere to be found!  An alert has quietly gone out. We do know that the hens were visibly upset by the ruling against them at the recent Brentwood City Council. They were particulaly distressed by a news article that referred to them as "illegal hens."   The newly formed, Chicken Wire News Service has reported that the hens have been sprinted away to an undisclosed location and their names have been changed.

We are told by a trusted source that they are trying to live anonymously so as not to bring attention to themselves until this all blows over. We wonder if they dyed and restyled their feathers?  MilesTones is attempting to contact the hen's former keeper, Kimberly Kennedy for a statement. Watch this website for updates.  

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