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Pray America - Our God Will Deliver

Dear Prayer Partners,

There has never been a more necessary time in American history for us as Christians to seek the face of Almighty God.  This is a time of repentance and reflection for each of us.  The scripture that I believe will turn America back to God is; 2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."KJV Healing Presence.

This is God's answer for our nation.  Luke 18:1b "...pray and not to lose heart". NAS. The same God that delivered the Israelites thousands of years ago is still answering the prayers of His people and can deliver America.

Roberta Combs, our president, and her staff are working very hard, seeking our Lord, also praying to call America back to our foundational beliefs.  We need each of you daily to join with us in prayer.  We must return as a nation to "One Nation under God."

Please help us spread the word to churches, friends, families and associates that the Christian Coalition of America continues to be very active in the political arena and our voice continues to be a powerful force in Washington.  Encourage each person to go to our web site, at, to keep updated on issues, with email addresses and phone numbers to call.  Each voice is very important.  Our elected officials need to hear from each one of us.  This is very critical.

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A Tribute to the Social and Economic Achievements of the American Worker

To our Prayer Partners,

The first Monday in September is set a side each year as a national holiday to pay our tribute to the labor movement, to all of our forefathers and workers that have paid a price and contributed to the prosperity and stability of our nation. Every laborer and worker in America has rightfully earned their place as part of this official observance.

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A Call to Prayer for Our Nation's Youth

To Our Prayer Partners,

This is the season when our attention again turns to our children and young adults returning back to school or entering for the first time.

Please, lift up in prayer each administrative person, all educators, students, each school and all transportation involved in these programs this year.

Ask the Lord Jesus to become real to each young life as they pursue new knowledge and, also, that they will be safe and that there is not to be any type of violence in our school systems, in Jesus name.

We command, in Jesus name, all bullying and harassment to stop and ask the Holy Spirit to release peace in each situation that comes up that would wound or hurt any child.

Pray for our young people to have hearts after the Lord.  In 1 Chronicles 29:19, as David prayed for his son, "and give to my son, Solomon, a perfect heart to keep thy commandments, thy testimonies and thy statutes and do them all...."

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To Our Prayer Partners

To Our Prayer Partners:

This week we are celebrating our National Independence as a nation given to us freely by men and women who paid a great price for the blessings of that freedom. Saturday, July 4th we as a nation will be celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. My prayer for our nation is that such love and passion for what we have been given will burn again in our hearts and souls as a nation. Freedom is such a gift to us. At this time in history each voice must be heard as we see more and more of our Christian freedoms being challenged.

Please go to the Christian Coalition Web site,, weekly and sign petitions and call. Roberta, our president and her staff have spent many hours and money laboring to get this critical information out to all of us so we can be a voice united applying pressure to keep our freedoms. Please get involved, every voice counts and we need you.

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Praying for America

To Our Prayer Partners,

As we enter into the Easter season, the Christian Coalition of America, led by our President Roberta Combs, wants you to know how grateful we are for each of you and for your intercession and support.

With great regards we pray every blessing upon you and your loved ones. Our prayer is that the Lord will visit you and bring you into your next level of His plan for your life and His hidden treasures will be opened unto you. May new God ordained meetings, new doors of opportunity and divine appointments be granted to each of you. We pray that you will be filled with the fullness of the Lord of Glory in the name of Jesus Christ. We bind the enemy from you and your loved ones and close every door and avenue and command in Jesus name every bondage to break and leave now as we plead the Precious Blood over each of you and your homes. May this Easter season bring a Spiritual refreshing to your life.

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National Moment of Remembrance

To Our Prayer Partners,

On May 25, 2009 our nation is called again as a people to honor our National Memorial Day. This is a Federal Holiday set aside for reflection and thanksgiving for our freedom. We must with great passion remember all those who died for our freedom and each family that continues to carry painful memories and loss due to their dedication defending America for each of us and our future. The set time for our "National Moment of Remembrance" is 3PM Eastern Time. A time set aside to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and we are the beneficiaries of that sacrifice.

Please continue to pray for national repentance and revival, our government, military, Israel, poverty, each policy of our nation to reflect our Godly roots, youth of America, national debt, the stock market to rebound and stabilize, educational system, environment, justice, religious liberty, immigration and Godliness.

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