Controversial "Hunted Child" Series Launched

(2/25/11)  Oakley, California.  Today the dynamic new series designed specifically to protect children from predators was pre-launched before the media, with the official launching date to be March 1st.  Immediately after the website opened, hundreds of people signed on.

The Hunted Child is a shocking but informative new video series.  Child abduction and rape has become epidemic throughout the world and even though predators have been incarcerated, placed under psychological and psychiatric care, once released they go right back to repeat their crimes.

According to Jerry Hanoum who spoke at the news conference, each pedophile, according to statistics, has molested at least 120 children before caught, and goes on to repeat that behavior when released.  No private or government program has been able to provide an effective solution or program to put a stop to these criminal sexual acts. That is until the launching of The Hunted Child Video Series with the goal of bringing a bill to Congress titled, The Mark for Mark Act.

With the passing of this bill, every person who has been convicted of harming a child will be required to have a Mark on his or her name and/or body, to identify that individual as a danger to children. An abused child carries a Mark on his or her life forever.  It is time to put a Mark on those who have Marked our children.

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