Does God give us the “right” to keep and bear arms?

Burning Quran Not So Hot--Another Look

The publicity began full force in September of 2010 when a Florida pastor announced his upcoming, “Burn a Quran Day.” As controversy swelled, the event was on, then it was off, then it was on again. Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, a tiny church of 50 members, proclaimed that on September 11, 2010, on the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 sneak attacks on America by Muslims, the “Burn a Quran Day” would take place in the parking lot of his church.

That fire fizzled out as he cancelled the plan. However, he did recenlty go through with it, igniting a Quran along with a global powder keg. This writer thinks that the idea of burning copies of the Quran (or any other book) is not so hot, even though you will be surprised as to why this objection is offered. It’s not what you think.

When this plan first went public in 2010, the occupier of The Oval Office held a pathetic news conference where he virtually begged Pastor Jones not to go through with this idea, because this will upset Muslims which will put our miltary personnel at risk and would lead to violence to Americans overseas.

How’s that again? Our troops are ALREADY at risk, constantly. Not only those in Afghanistan and Iraq, but on our own miltary bases right here in America, such as Ft. Hood where a Muslim soldier stationed there, shot up the base, killing and wounding dozens of military personnel. There was no Quran burned.  As for attacks on Americans overseas, American civilians found we were not even safe from Muslims in our own country.

Anti Bible Book Released for Easter!

Dr. Bart Ehrman is the prime example of a ‘liberal Christian,’ whose dedicated attempts to destroy the foundations of Christianity is becoming well known. He is a member of the outrageous, “Jesus Seminar,” where supposed ‘Biblical Scholars” take apart The New Testament and proclaim that Jesus did not say what he said.” (!)  Erhman’s whole purpose is to undermine Christianity. He has written some strange Christianity-attack-books with “historic facts to set people straight,” His corrupt ideas are so far out into left field that the crows can’t even get out there to roost. Bad Bart for sure.

Particularly disturbing is that Dr. Ehrman, is a contracted lecturer for the highly acclaimed, Teaching Company, an excellent resource for life-long learners (like this writer), and for supplemental training for college and university students.

The Teaching Company course materials are excellent with the exception of anything dealing with religion, especially Christianity, and purported World History, or Civilization. These courses teach the “Big Bang” fraud as fact and lean heavily on evolution with a distinct nod toward Darwin.

Dr. Ehrman’s newest book,” Forged: Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We think They Are,” was released (escaped would be a better word) just in time for the most sacred observance of Christianity, Easter.

MilesTones-A MilesEye View of The News

Come in to hear the Dumbest Statement Concerning, Don't ask, Don't Tell!: Jailing of Faithful Army Officer Over Obama's Non- Birth Certificate; Suicide-The Holidays and Bernard Madoff; The Real Reason for the Push of "Global Warming," and the last of the political dynasty clan, Patrick Kennedy, is leaving office which will leave us without a Kennedy in public office for the first time in 50 years!

PEW Survey on Religion Wrong

It is unfortunate Pew Research Center for the People & the Press does a religious survey, and gets most of its premises incorrect. First, they assume all religions are equal. Second, they fail to mention the largest religion in the US, even though their analysis concerns the population’s religious traditions.


Anyone who actively belongs to a religion should know about that religion. Very likely if you’re not Hindu, you won’t know Vishnu and Shiva are part of Hinduism history. When a survey says Americans don’t know much about religion, they’re talking about all religions as if they were all equal. How do you know anything about a religion to which you don’t belong?

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Sixth Grader's Field Trip to Mosque to Bow Down to Allah!--Two Incredible Videos

Americans for Peace and Tolerance released a video showing 6th graders from Wellesley, MA as they rise from prostrating themselves alongside Muslim men in a prayer to Allah while on a public school field trip to the largest mosque in the Northeast. Teachers did not intervene. Parents had not been told. And where was the ACLU?  Not a peep from them. It is only Christianity that they fear and work to make illegal.  You will see a video of this outrage along with another video of my interview on this for the national radio program, Issues in Education.

Commentary: Supreme's Decision Must Not Be as Flawed as Phelps Family

Picketing a funeral for a young man who served our country with signs that seemingly rejoice over the family’s loss is not a case of Free Speech, but a case of crass harassment, and unwarranted public insults coupled with a cruel hazing of a grieving family during the worst time of their lives…burying one of their children.

First of all, that so-called Westboro Baptist Church is in no way affiliated with the Baptist Convention. That “church,” which the left delightfully uses as a stereotype for all Christians, is not a church at all. It consists only of the Phelps family members, but still is enough to grant them tax exempion status as a church.  The Supreme Court must not err by ruling that the Phelps Family had the RIGHT to add to the grief of suffering families by picketing that funeral under the law of Freedom of Speech.

Let’s get this straight once and for all. The First Amendment was implemented by our Founding Fathers to be certain that any citizen could criticize and speak disapproval of the government of The United States without fear of reprisal. PERIOD. Something that could NOT be done in other countries where any stated disapproval of the government could result in beating and a prison sentence.The First Amendment assures that nobody in America will be punished for criticizing the government. Yes, that is repeated, but a point MUST be made. THIS is what the First Amendment Free Speech Rights means and nothing else.

U.N. Outraged At Burning of West Bank Mosque--Whoa--Hold on There!

According to Ekklesia, the leftist religious think tank of London, The United Nations has voiced its shock following the burning of a mosque in The West Bank that is suspected to be an act of arson. Media reports say that the incident took place in the early morning of October 4th in the village of Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem.

The attack, the Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process (UNSCO) said, is completely unacceptable, with Special Coordinator Robert Serry also extremetly concerned over the mosque’s desecration.

UNSCO reminded the Israeli Government that the extremists responsible for such attacks must be brought to justice and the rule of law upheld.  That’s all fine, U.N.. However, why has there not been even a peep out of this organization when Christian churches are burned down with increasing regularity, Christians are burned alive by Muslims and women raped by Muslims in front of their husbands and children? Looks a little one sided from this vantage point.

So this UN protection is selective and applies only to Muslims which they have accepted as the One World Religion of a One World Order under construction.  It is to be remembered that Muslims not that long ago, took over the Church of the Nativity, a sacred spot for Christians, trashed a lot of it while holed up there, and used pages of The Holy Bible as toilet paper. Again, not one word from the U.N.

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California Church Commissions National Race Car Chaplain

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BREAKING! God Now Censored From Blogs!

The One has made His intentions known to control the internet, along with Amerika itself.  His administration has been been attempting (ofttimes succeeding) to censor and silence writers including this one, working to block me from getting news releases out to various media sites. Persecution and censorship of writers has begun.  

However, this one takes the ultimate censorship cake. . According to the Communist News site, People's World, a new internet software blocker titled, GodBlock is now up and running. Its purpose, according to its designers, "Is to  test each page that your child visits before it is loaded,  looking for passages from holy texts, names of religious figures, and other signs of religious propaganda. If none are found, then your child is allowed to browse freely."  

Obama's Marxist implementors have argued that children need to be protected from some of the truly horrifying imagery in the religious texts. Penn Jillette (a most disgusting vulgar blasphemous man), of the comedy-magic duo Penn and Teller, said of GodBlock via Twitter, "Finally some software to help your children avoid dangerous crazy violent sick sh*t that we have proof does real damage." Really!  

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