Rescuer of CHCH Editor Presented Hero Award

The CN2 "Hometown Hero Award" was publicly presented to the man who saved the life of Capitol Hill Coffee House Publisher/Editor Chip McLean when a huge tree fell on the car he was driving last month on a South Carolina road during a storm that had just whipped up.

Timothy Gayton, 19, a college student, who Chip said, "Came out of nowhere," received the Hometown Hero Award from television station, CN2, in Rock Hill, South Carolina during a telecast this past week.

When the accident occurred on the mostly desolate roadway, Timothy Gayton suddenly was there, jumped out of his car, ran to Chip's crushed car, borke a window and pulled him out to safety and got him to a hospital.

Chip was knocked out and bruised. By getting him out of that car, that was still being slowly crushed by the tree that had landed on top of it, and promptly getting help for him, saved his life.

As Gayton received the award, presented to him by both CN2 TV, and Chip McLean, during an on-air newscast, he said, "I'm really not a hero. I just did what anybody should do."

Chip is still recovering and slowly getting back to posting his news on:

Timothy Gayton represents the finest of America's young people. God used him for that crucial assignment. Indeed, it is believed that God actually placed him there at that precise moment. We can be thankful to God and this young man who is an example of the best.



Machine Gun Preacher Rivets Churches With On-Target Message!

Rev. Sam Childers is a man on a mission, one that could cost him his life as he performs such daring exploits that a movie has been made about them with another cinematic feature in preparation titled, Another Man's War, which tells how he rescues children in Northern Uganda from the armies that have kidnapped them at gunpoint. The highly in-demand church and conference speaker is coming to Northern California, Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley to be exact, on Sunday December 5th for both services at 9 and 11.

Rev. Childers is an internationally acclaimed evangelist who could have a much easier life holding evangelistic services in churches all over the world who's pastors are anxious to secure him for their pulpits. However, his primary focus for the past 13 years, is his fight to rescue suffering children from the wars in that troubled country. Deprived of any semblance of childhood, approximately two hundred children are kidnapped every day with little boys being forcibly put in slave labor or into the army while little girls are raped and used as sex toys.

The armies there are so ruthless that some children are tortured hideously, again, CHILDREN, such as being nailed to trees to instill fear in other children as a warning to obey everything the armies tell them to do. They've never had a chance.

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