News Briefs Pulled Up: Amber Alert Hoax-Obama's Birthday-Saving Babies, Rev. Johnny Jones-and More

But first, this headlined story tease in today's Irish Central newspaper:

Cavan bishop finally laid to rest in Perth diocese he created
Thursday, August 4, 2011, 4:47 AM
"The Irish bishop credited for the spread of Catholicism in Western Australia was finally buried at the parish he founded after his death 140 years ago." How's that again?  We suppose that anyone who can found a parish 140 years after he died deserves to be in the headlines.

Obama's Birthday is today, or so it is announced. Can we be absolutely sure about this birth date since he won't show us his original birth certificate? Happy Birthday Anyhow.

The Bible says that with faith Christians can move mountains (Mark 11:23). Devout Christian, Art Mijares, isn't trying to move a mountain, he just wants to rename it, Reagan Mountain, instead of Mt. Diablo (devil in Spanish) which suggests that it is a monument to the devil. There have been several hearings in Contra Costa County, California on the issue. There's also been a lot of flack.

Citizen, a publication of Focus on The Family had an interesting editorial in the current issue by Tom Minnery, titled, "Free Speach Could Cost You." He writes: "Today, there is no live-and-let-live attitude by same-sex marriage proponents."

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