SAG Award Show

MilesTones To Start The New Week

 Mark Ye Your Calendars. Tomorrow evening, January 26, 2010.  The Great Chicken Trail of Brentwood will be heard before the Brentwood City Council Meeting at 7 PM. The defendants, Henny and Penny, the hens that became famous when a neighbor complained about them, will be there in person er in chicken?  MilesTones will be there to speak in de-fence of the Scriptures Controversy, Screen Actors Guild..uh..program? Global Warming...Swine Flu...Obama and more...

The Dotted Lines: Hawaii recently set aside a day to honor the birth of Obama, wherever that is. Unlike other holidays of honor, they didn't close the banks, since The One has been closing them Himself ever since He was put in office....interesting headline caught recently in Irish Central: "6 of 10 Richest People in Ireland Are Bankrupt." How's that again?...The London Mail reports that if pregnant women eat eggs, the child they give birth to will be more intelligent. When Henny and Penny (the hens fighting eviction from a residential neighborhood), heard this report they clucked, "Of course."  This might come up at their trial tomorrow to show that they make a solid contribution to society..and please don't think we are conceited...but our reports about the chickens has been nominated for a Pullet-zer Prize.

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