Must Christians Forgive Muslims for 9-11 Attacks? Special 9-11 Feature

When the attacks first happened, it unleashed in all of us every emotion known…anger…rage…a sense of helplessnes…loss…fear…and a passion for revenge. Every emotion that could be explained was present that day and still remains.

Then a word came to mind; Forgiveness. Can we really forgive those who caused such horrific deaths of innocent people? As I struggled with this idea, I had to ask what Jesus would do…and what the Bible says.

I do know that we are instructed to love all. Can we get past the bitter feelings of the attack to love them enough for them to realize that they have been deceived by their religious leaders?

Do we love them enough to talk to them about God and the truth?

Can we show enough love to desire their salvation? THAT is what my own particular role must be.

As for forgiveness, that means releasing those feelings of anger from ourselves and putting it all into God’s hands. Harboring bitter feelings will only hurt us and our health if we allow that stress to become a part of us.

We must move past that. Also, we must have a wisdom to deal firmly with those who would harm us or try to destroy us by severely stopping them.

The Bible does not require that we just lie down and let our enemies do to us what they will. It DOES require that we LOVE our enemies enough to want to see their salvation and spared from hell.

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