Surprising Participant in Christmas Wars!

You will not believe WHO is taking part in the debate about Santa Claus that some say is a good influence on children while others say he should be abolished and the whole focus on Christmas should be ONLYabout Jesus. The atheists say that there should not be ANY Christmas observance, period! An unexpected visitor came by the studio to leave this message for the entire world which should settle the dispute once and for all. This was filmed by Tim Vaughn of Tim Vaughn Studios-Oakley, California.  Here is the link: 

Beer Drinking Santa?

Columnist Jay R. Brooks whose column, “Brooks on Beer,” came up with a stein-full with the headline of his syndicated story, “Jolly Old St. Nick a Patron Saint of Beer” (Contra Costa Times-12/8/10).  And there are some brewers who have Santa’s image on their label. St. Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, who inspired the creation of Santa Claus.  Mr. Brooks’ story is all based on the notion that the Bishop, who later became a Saint, was ‘appointed’ The Patron Saint of Beer. He was also ‘appointed’ Patron Saint of 110 other groups,  including children, his best known title and one which he would approve.

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