Great Breakthroughs in Adult Stem Cell Research

Chloe: “You saved my life”

At a National Press Club lunch in Washington D.C. yesterday  --  sponsored by the Bethesda Life Foundation which was founded by the president emeritus of the 16 million member Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, Dr. Morris Chapman   --  Dr. Jeong-Chan Ra, a prominent scientist and president of RNL Bio, introduced his new book, The Grace of Stem Cells: A Story of Science and Faith.

This writer had the privilege of sitting next to a couple of Dr. Ra’s patients, two outstanding young people, a brother and sister, who Dr. Ra has helped with the use of adult stem cells.  Their parents, both physicians in Long Beach, CA, found Dr. Ra through a doctor friend of theirs.  The bright and articulate young woman is mentioned in Dr. Ra’s new book in Case Study #8, title “Chloe Can Hear Again.”  At age 17, she had total deafness in left ear and hearing loss in right ear.  After receiving conventional treatment (steroids), she received three intravenous injections of stem cells over 15 days and had hearing restored to 50% in her left ear and 90% in her right ear.  At yesterday’s lunch, she seemed to have her full hearing restored. 

The Truth of Global Warming; Are We Doomed For Man's Inaction?

The Bible makes it clear that we humans are to tend the garden as he instructed Adam and Eve. We must take care of the Earth we occupy. Man has been so lax, so careless, that we are now in danger of making the earth uninhabitable.

It all started with the Industrial Revolution. When the first factories were built in Germany, they were built next to the pristine rivers so that waste from those factories could be dumped directly in those rivers, providing great convenience for the factory barons. What could they expect? Certainly not that the waters would remain pure and healthy. That was not their focus or even concern.

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